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Filmmaker Kathy Kolla Shares Details of New Project: “It’ll Be Like No Cooking Show You’ve Ever Seen

By Jessica Ross

As the plant-based lifestyle grows exponentially around the world, the entertainment industry is following suit with more sustainably focused content, and vegan filmmaker Kathy Kolla is at the front of the movement. She stopped by the premiere of the cooking show Peeled at the Director’s Guide of America in Hollywood last week to show her support.

Kathy Kolla, Photo by Johnny Jones

“The vegan lifestyle is the future,” Kolla told me from the red carpet at the DGA. “Veganism is more environmentally sustainable, it’s healthier, it’s kinder, and at the end of the day it makes the world a fundamentally better place.”

Photo credit: Dan Kennedy

The director, who started off her career as a television actress, starring in hit shows on networks including NBC, FOX, UPN and HBO, is blending her passion for veganism with narrative filmmaking on her next project. Tentatively titled VegHead, the premise is a cooking show with a twist, although Kolla was quick to hide details.

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“Let’s just say there will be a comedic element,” she said, smirking amid camera flashes at the DGA. “I can’t give away too much, but it’ll be like no cooking show you’ve ever seen. If you like to laugh, but also want to learn great new recipes, then you’re definitely going to want to stay tuned.”

The project, co-created with producer Donna Jones, is set to begin production next month.

Photo by Jessica Ross

Kolla’s acting experience will come into play on the new project, too, as she takes on both directing and co-starring roles.

“I find being behind and in front of the camera equally rewarding,” Kolla said. “It’s a challenge and it’s fulfilling, creatively, in different ways.”

Her filmmaking process has certainly proven fruitful, with her first three films -- which she co-wrote and directed -- having garnered numerous awards on the international film festival circuit before subsequently landing national television distribution to more than 50 million homes.

Heart of Hollywood Magazine will keep you updated on her new project as more details emerge.

Photo credit: Johnny Jones

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