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By Carlous Palmer

If there is a time that we may start to question " What is the proper skirt legnth?" If this question has ever come up in any of your conversations, this bit of information may help. Often we debate about what is appropriate or in- appropriate when it comes to skirt legnth, yet there is rarely a reason as to why a particular legnth is inappropriate , well here is a good rule of thumb. When in a work situation ,especially corporate or professional work settings just above the knee is appropriate. Why? Work is a place where focus and productivity is needed, growing in the work place and commanding true respect will not be long lasting if any promotion is not received solely through hard work,reliability, punctuality , and loyalty.

Excessive display of body parts , thigh legnth skirts can eaaily create a distraction over time among those that lack dicipline, also the appearance of being the type of person that would sleep around for a promotion will eventually cause office gossip as well as resentment among some employees, ultimately flirty clothing in a business or cooperate setting Wil eventually lead to unnecessary chaos in the work place. Wardrobes with split personalities may be the best resolution to those that like a litter risqué twist to thier wardrobe.

Separate work clothing from play or party clothing. In response to the question of what's an appropriate skirt legnth? Just above the knee is probably the safest legnth without being extremely tight, skirts look best overall when the fabric neatly glides over the hips without showing panty lines. In life we often experience times when change comes and we do not understand exactly why...sometimes there are things that we may do that offend others and instead of people telling us in order to help us get better, they would prefer to tell others, thus spewing venomous poison that ultimately gets one cast out of a why give those that practice backstabbing the ammunition that they need? Have a wardrobe that boast professional wear and then the other part of the closet can be devoted to clothing that help to spice things up a bit... nothing better than a wardrobe with a split personality.

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