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By Carlous Palmer

Stop being fearful of wearing what you want. Discover ALL of your likes and dislikes in order to learn who you are. I often read comments on social media saying things like men in skirts is for homosexual men NOT TRUE!!!! Some men are so homophobic that they are still bound to they're highschool beliefs.

Comments are made like this on a regular and do nothing but create hate fear and division. For those that have studied art and fashion history as I have at Baltimore School for the Arts, Baltimore City Community College and FIT six years total you will understand that just like the internet, Fashion also has algorithms which cause us to see and experience certain trends. I have to say that as long as I have been in fashion and I am from the era of Basquiat...Madonna and Warhol along with long nights at Studio 54 and Paradise Garage with Larry Levan ...a comfortable time when thousands of people could be in a room and dance for days sometimes without fighting...many men wore skirts..dresses...and I can't forget how Boy George and Prince made a man in makeup something to be admired. ... You see I believe that lack of knowledge and a desire to stay stuck keeps men fearful to explore fashion. For me you have to give credit where credit is due... Christian Seriano made a man look so good in a gown when he dressed Billy Porter in that tuxedo gown that it frightened some people and many men want to do it but are afraid.. Now I am not a skirt or dress wearer, however as I said I have in my party days wore skirts out to clubs I was even photographed in a dress by world renowned photographer Francesco Scavullo at Danceteria and in the 80s that photo was seen all over the world however I was really unaware that so many men attached the clothing that they wore to the sexual identity. Just because a man is in a skirt doesn't mean that he is trying to be a woman...

Real men are comfortable in their own skin Historically

Men have worn and jewelry without being homosexual and in fact if it is done well a kilt or skirt can look very masculine on a man. Wearing a kilt or skirt is not homosexual..having sex with a man is... REMEMBER..what others think about you is no e of your do what you do...but do it well.

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