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By Carlous Palmer

Have you noticed whenever you hear about fashion you hear what the latest trend is and then you see everyone doing kind of the same thing so the truth is we'd like to think that we are individuals and that we are thinking on our own however the fashion industry dictates what we're going to wear from season to season and we all seem to wear the same thing or pick the same choices that's because in truth we are not in control of what we wear we are

following what we're being told which a lot of people say is not what they do however it's repeated from season to season the other thing is that when we purchase clothing we rarely shop consciously meaning we don't pay attention to who we're buying from we are going along with what everyone says is popular we also tend to buy clothing that everyone else wears so in reality we all kind of start looking alike .however the most important thing that we do that needs to be looked at is we all jump on a bandwagon of sustainability caring about the environment however when we purchase clothing we don't always purchase what's best for us we also don't always purchase what's best for the environment many of us don't know or don't care what we're getting and in essence we're buying clothing that is not a high quality the quality of clothing since the start of fast fashion has not only lowered the quality of what we're buying but it is also created an environment that is very toxic many of our clothes don't last very long they tear easily and they're made of poor quality and they're poorly sown often those clothes end up in landfills and unfortunately they end up in Africa there are mountains and mountains of clothing that is unused that sits in landfills for years decades even .

Some clothing can take as long as 200 years to disintegrate where do those clothes go often they're not recycled what happens to a lot of clothing it gets shipped to different countries and unfortunately they end up in landfills that some are as high as the 1.

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