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Eva Lanska's NFT Work Spotlighted at W1 Curates' Interconnected Ocean of Art Event in Miami

By Nicole Muj

In celebration of Art Basel and Miami Art Week, enterprise Web3 platform SmartMedia Technologies and global hospitality brand Bagatelle Group partnered with W1 Curates, the world's biggest digital art gallery, to unveil the first US screening of the world's most exclusive collection of privately owned NFTs, at a special exhibition Interconnected Ocean of Art, at Bagatelle Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Eva Lanska

The experience launched with a VIP preview evening on December 1st, physically displaying a collection of large-scale sculptures and paintings by Israeli artist Eva Lanska, along with Michael Benisty, WhIsBe, Noah Becker, Lauren Baker, Maxim Zhestkov and more, displayed throughout the hotel.

Two photographic works from Lanska's Gematria Collection and one from the artist's The Existential Choice was exhibited at the VIP opening reception on December 1st and will be available to view throughout the exhibit. For the opening event, Lanska created a special limited edition (1000) NFT titled Gematria 596 - Miami Edition, in collaboration with SmartMedia, part of her Gematria series.


The Existential Choice

"Digital technology gives the artist new freedom and independence," comments Lanska. "In the past, without the support of the gallery, artists had almost no chance to show their work, but now, with the advent of the NFT, artists can finally become independent and free from the monopoly and unbearable conditions imposed by commercial galleries."

In the one-off experience Interconnected Ocean of Art, curator and art advisor Sarah Masaki collaborated with W1 Curates to present a sensational evening of NFT artworks previously unseen by the public. With the participation of high-profile collectors Cozomo de' Medici and 33NFT - owner of the $69M Beeple NFT purchased at Christie's last year - the world's most exclusive collection of NFTs worth $400M was unveiled on December 1st. One thousand limited edition, consumer-ready Bagatelle digital wallets were available for download beginning December 1st.

She continues, "That is why my new collection of Gematria 596 has digital codes as traditional names. Since gematria is the main method for analyzing the meaning of words and phrases based on the numerical values of the letters included in them, the themes of freedom and independence are the main thread of my collection."

Join The Club

The Bagatelle Digital Wallet offers attendees the opportunity to purchase digital versions of the breathtaking art through an exclusive NFT marketplace, powered by SMT technology, enabling guests to own digital versions of the globally acclaimed artists' work, many for the first time ever. Wallet holders will be able to participate in a virtual AR treasure hunt throughout the property to identify and collect virtual tokens and donate to United24 in support of Ukrainian relief efforts.

Eva Lanska is an emerging, internationally acclaimed Israel-based artist, screenwriter and film director. Having first started as a journalist and novelist, she moved on to explore a different approach to storytelling and became a film director. She pursued film studies in Paris and London. Her documentary and fictional films won her various prestigious awards, including California Film Awards, Best Picture Award at the Los Angeles Film Festival, 25th annual Washington Jewish Film Festival, Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood, New York World Film Festival, Cannes International Independent Film Festival, European Cinematography AWARDS, Carmarthen Bay Film Festival BAFTA Cymru Qualifying, and many others.

Her art deals with such issues as women's rights, interracial and interreligious relations, domestic abuse, animal rights - the themes that are inherently expansive and internally paradoxical. Her narratives are intense and are meant to evoke familiar-yet-intangible associations. @evalanskanft

Photos Courtesy to Eva Lanska and Paul Thomas Photo.


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