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Editor's Letter: Looking to the Past, Appreciating the Present

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

In this issue you will find a beautiful cover inspired by the Day of the Dead, a holiday which is most often associated with Mexico but is also observed elsewhere, and of which several non-Hispanic countries have their own versions.

Catrina: Denice Marie Paskovski

Photo Credit: Claudia Hoag

Catrín: Halas Wilbourn

Photo Credit: Claudia Hoag

The purpose of this day is honoring those who have left this world. Altars are mounted, and on them pictures of the deceased are displayed, along with items, edible or otherwise, that they used to enjoy.

Death is often unexpected and devastating, as was recently evidenced by Friends star Matthew Perry’s passing—a great loss not only for the people in his close circle, but also for his fans around the world.

However, the Day of the Dead is not meant to be sad or shocking but heartwarming, a celebration for our loved ones who are no longer among us, so that we may continue to feel connected to them.


Models Halas Wilbourn and Denice Marie Paskovski, both of whom are involved in interesting projects right now, were made to look like a catrín and a catrina. Catrinas are well-dressed skulls or skeletons. The modern image of a catrina was drawn around 1910 by Mexican illustrator Jose Guadalupe Posada. His cartoons were used to describe political and societal issues, and now these dapper characters are frequently found at Day of the Dead celebrations.

This day is a beautiful tradition, as well as a reminder that we only live once. Let’s inform people we love or admire about how we feel now, while we and they are still here. Let’s make the most of our time on this earth by striving to leave a mark on our chosen industry.

Your friend,

Sandy Rodriguez


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