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By Sandy Rodriguez

It’s the holidays and even I—a textbook introvert—found myself at one event after another.

I was hired as the English/Spanish interpreter for the GuadaLAjara Film Festival, a fantastic event showcasing Latino cinema. I was delighted to see Xolo Maridueña of Cobra Kai (my favorite show), alongside castmates Jacob Bertrand (who plays “Hawk”, my favorite TV character) and Vanessa Rubio.

Heart Of Hollywood CEO Giovanna Salas kindly joined me at my booth during the Latino Book & Family Festival. I was there to discuss my nonfiction book, Choose to Prevail, available through all major online retailers and .

Giovanna and I love meeting authors, and were excited to go to a reception hosted by Bedside Reading, a company that places books on the nightstands of luxury hotel rooms.

We also attended a dinner and cookbook presentation at the residence of the Consul General of the Republic of Turkey. We went to the Threshold Entertainment offices to listen to influential panelists discuss filmmaking without borders.

Join The Club

Giovanna herself hosted a networking event to celebrate our previous issue of the magazine. The turnout was impressive—there were so many talented people present, including this month’s cover model, Anita Lain.

We’d like to read about the entertainment-related functions you attend, as well! If you’re interested in becoming a contributor for Heart Of Hollywood Magazine, and covering events, drop us a line at

I hope you get to bask in the season’s festivities, surrounded by your colleagues and peers in the industry. Most importantly, I wish you moments of joy with the people closest to you, with those you truly love, as the year winds down.

  • Sandy Rodriguez

Editor, Heart Of Hollywood Magazine

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