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Give Cupid a Nudge

By Sandy Rodriguez

Valentine’s Day is a time when some singles feel the urge to start looking for love. If you work in entertainment, why not keep your eyes open and cast a wider net?  

Although it’s rarely wise to date coworkers you interact with directly, if you’re in the industry it might make sense to find someone in this field. People in entertainment, from film directors to set designers to audio engineers and everything in between understand things that “civilians” might not. Those outside of the industry could find it difficult to cope with your irregular work hours, the downtime between projects, and the demands involved. 

Then again, civilians offer a break from the pressures of the industry and there is less potential for career envy. Just make sure you have good communication to avoid hurt feelings if, say, you will be away on location for an extended period or plan to do kissing scenes or a nude scene.

Are you already attached? Try celebrating Valentine’s Day with a sunrise hike, a bike ride, time together at the gym or another activity that involves exercise is great for getting your heart rate up and making you feel even more connected to your partner. In this issue you will also find plenty of other ideas to help you mark this special date. 

Regardless of your romantic status, and whether you work in the industry or not, you can send anyone an unforgettable valentine. A website called Cameo allows you to have a celebrity record a personalized video message. Just select the recipient’s favorite star and decide what you want the message to say. (And if you are a celebrity yourself, you can become a part of the site’s talent roster.)


Sandy Rodriguez, Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Editor

IG: @choosetoprevail

P.S. If you have a couple of hours to kill, how about reading my book, Choose to Prevail? I offer tips on deepening relationships, dealing with haters and frenemies, making the most of your looks, and enjoying your time alone. Oh, and there’s also a story about how a tiny apartment helped tenants find spouses. Find over 100 reviews on Amazon at .


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