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Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Finding Inspiration, Making Money, and Speaking Spanish

By Sandy Rodriguez

At Heart Of Hollywood Magazine, we strive to bring you useful content. In this issue, you will find a roundup of activities that will allow actors and models to make a living while still having time for auditions, casting calls, and any job that they might book.

I would like to add another idea to the list prepared by the author—freelance interpreting.

Make no mistake, becoming an interpreter is not easy. You need to have a full command of another language, undergo rigorous training, and possibly take a grueling certification exam. But once you’re ready, you can accept assignments in your free time. This activity can be particularly appealing to performers, since it demands skills that they often already possess, such as adequate voice projection, good memory, and effective public speaking.

I am a full-time, in-house Spanish interpreter for one of the largest courthouses in the world, and am not surprised that a hefty percentage of my colleagues are also actors, voiceover actors, and musicians, not to mention a theater producer.

By the way, if Spanish is a language you speak or are learning, I would suggest checking out Heart Of Hollywood Magazine on YouTube. In addition to a wide range of English videos, this channel offers a series of interviews in Spanish with fascinating people in entertainment, the arts, and related fields.

In the following pages, you will find information on other fascinating people, including music composers, a film festival organizer, a social media influencer, and actors such as the wonderful Kevin Craig West, who has participated in projects such as the Academy Award-nominated Don’t Look Up. Of course, we also feature our Cover Model Contest winner, Patricia Hogan, who started modeling at a very young age and is now also a busy single mom. Her inner and outer beauty really shine through on our cover, which was shot in New York.

Photography: Miguel Acevedo

Craving even more motivation? Be sure to watch Choose to Prevail: The Show. This is a series of conversations in which people from different walks of life explain how they dealt with all kinds of challenges and went on to become successful on their own terms.

These conversations were inspired by my book Choose to Prevail, the Gold Medal winner in the Best Health & Wellness Book category of the International Latino Book Awards, the largest Latino cultural awards event in the U.S.

If you’d like to face your problems head-on, the show guests will give you the kickstart you need. Watch their stories here and get inspired!

-Sandy Rodriguez

IG: @choosetoprevail

FB: Choose to Prevail

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