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Digital Media Scientist Mohd Imran Helps Individuals and Brands Online Presence Become Better

Ready To Make a Real Change? Let’s win together! Let’s work together says Mohd Imran. Mohd Imran Educates, Enlightens, Empowers & Entertains in the Digital Media world.

10+ Years of Experience running a successful digital business through creating meaningful connections & relationships with People of Diversity.

Digital Media Scientist Mohd Imran is here to mentor, inspire, entertain, and make your online presence better in some way. He is the Creator of @BIZBoost & @BTweeps which has created meaningful and personalized Digital Media experiences, Globally, Human to Human, Since 2009. Mohd affectionately known as Imran is also the Creator & Co-Host, Digital Media Insights Podcast.

After creating BIZBoost { Digital Media Agency } in 2010, @BTweeps {SaaS for Simplified Twitter Growth Management} in 2016, & Digital Media Insights Podcast in 2021, the introvert, analyst, peacemaker, and the aspiring author is coming forward & revealing himself as your personalized growth companion, for Digital Media and Life. Imran provides information & companionship that cannot be acquired elsewhere. Collaborate in Total Peace of Mind. Simplify your Social Media Presence And Life with BIZBoost and BTweeps.

“I love the Digital Media industry. And I want my life to be about what I actually love.” 

— Mohd Imran #BeingEMU

With Imran, you will be on the path to get the real value out of your Online Presence.

Tammy Reese Media // Visionary Minds PR & Media

“Your Originality doesn’t get tempered by the number of likes, comments or followers you have on your Online Presence.” — Mohd Imran #BeingEMU

Imran’s one key success factor is consistency and patience. It’s all about how to consistently and efficiently optimize your flow, be an executive, and execute in the most disciplined manner. This is Never ending process!

Piece of Advice From Imran: Take a Deep Breath. Breathe in, Breath out! The Online Sphere is a reflection of the Offline Sphere. Word of mouth, human-to-human interactions, relationships, kindness, business, which all goes down here too in sync with Offline madness. Our Audiences are Human beings. We must treat them like one. No shady stuff, No BS!! As Simple as that.

Brands & Businesses must believe in knowing their customer first, even before pitching their services and approaches, because without knowing who you are dealing with, the possibilities of building a healthy connection become in vain. You have to connect with your customers and consumers, human to human. This is a really important approach. It takes a lot of patience, but it goes a long way and has benefits.

“Go Beyond the The Temptation of Instant Gratification” — Mohd Imran #BeingEMU

More info here: Web: Twitter: INSTAGRAM: @BeingEMU @BIZBoost @BTweeps

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This just gave me wings 🙌🏻 I just woke up to this surprise feature. 👀 I feel so Humbled & Grateful 🤍 Thank you so much “Heart of Hollywood” Magazine & the Queen of Media “Tammy Reese” for sharing my story with your creative communities. 🙏🏻

Choose & Decide! 💡🏆✨ Focus & Rise! 🚨🔥🚀

Let’s win together 🌋🎙⚡️

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