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Dancer Applies Pressure With New Skincare Line

By Billy Montgomery As a former NBA professional dancer and dance instructor, she’s performed for thousands and taught hundreds in her studio, but now Christy Buss teaches people how to protect their skin. With her Hedo skincare line described as 100 percent free of chemical toxins, the vibrant, 64-year-old Angeleno said the skincare line is aligned with today’s self-care movement. “Skin care is more than looking at fine lines and wrinkles. It's about protecting your skin,” Buss said. “If you’re taking care of your skin, you're probably taking care of everything else. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and yet it is often the most neglected.”

Buss said skin care is one of the greatest investments people can make, yet people are willing to risk that investment by purchasing inferior products. Aside from producing products, Buss said she is also constantly educating herself to know what ingredients are best for the skin. “I'm not an esthetician or a dermatologist, but I'm 64 years old, so I know what skin does,” Buss said. “I also am taking the initiative and steps to become a consultant in the skin care industry. My line isn't necessarily organic, it's medical grade because even (some) organic (products) can have some bad things due to certain preservatives that can compromise the products."

With positioning itself as a “higher density and higher purity” skincare line, Hedo has an exclusive, primarily wholesale marketing strategy directly targeting areas to get the product placed where there is a direct connection to skin care. “Hedo is only in med spas and doctor's offices, except for the opportunity to get it online (,” Buss said. “We're going to get in some good (retail) places, but it will be when we are certain that the level of packaging and ingredients will get the desired shelf life.”

Admitting that the provocative Hedo name iskind of out there,” Buss said she wants people to think about pleasure when applying the product. “It’s about pleasure and indulgence. That’s what we want a skin product to do…make us feel good,” Buss said. “Think of Hedo as your other significant other. Practice self-love and indulge. When skin care products are mentioned, it’s a commonality that many men feel exempt, but Buss said Hedo goes both ways. “Guys can think of skin care products as feminine, but it just has nothing to do with gender,” Buss said. “Everyone has skin, so a good wash, a good moisturizer, and a good sunscreen for both sexes.”

Join The Club

Despite her prominence as a public figure, Buss is intentional about how she wants to market the merchandise, so it doesn’t become another “celebrity-endorsed” creation. “A lot of people endorse products because they are paid to do so and I don’t have any backers or sponsors for Hedo,” Buss said. “I dove in deep (creating this product) and did this all by myself, so I had to believe in it and not just put my name on something. I prefer feedback and testimonials from actual customers, not because I paid someone to endorse it.” While she is a senior citizen by age, Buss said her active lifestyle has her feeling at least 20 years younger, as she still teaches dance and body sculpting classes via Zoom.

“I stay active and will always dance. I feel like I'm in my mid-40s,” Buss said. “I wish I still was still in my 40s, but I'm not and I am ok with that.” With over 20 different products on the website, interested patrons can visit to get a free sample and check out the various products.

Photos by Billy Montgomery/Billy Montgomery Photography


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