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COVID-19 and the Fashion Industry

By Mercy Gilbert, London U.K

COVID-19 has revolutionized the fashion industry with many high street shops closing down and feeling the pinch. The fashion industry has had to rethink and reinvent itself. We at Heart of Hollywood are non the less excluded from global pandemic sneeze.

As the saying goes, when USA sneezes the whole world feels it, but we at Heart of Hollywood decided to move with the times as this pandemic has changed the fashion and film industry.

We decided to move online and explore new horizons in these uncertain times by digitalising the fashion industry.

For some retailer’s, business is booming online, seeing clothes flying off the shelves at the click of a button. Some might say it’s the reduced prices and customers not wanting to miss great bargains with the likes of fashion platforms such as the iconic online fashion platforms Chicmi which claims to be seeing a upsurge in its sales and visits to its platform as the owner of Chicmi has said business has never been so good!

The skeptics might argue it’s not due to low pricing and great bargains but sheer boredom people spending time clicking away to pass time.

The new birth of online fashion hubs that set to engage their audience and many global fashion shows that have been traditionally known to hold in certain exclusive cities around the globe, now have a growing online presence.

Those in the fashion industry are choosing to showcase iconic fashion shows historically known to bring the fashion world to various well-known seasonal fashion shows in different parts of the world to online global audience.

This has its pros and cons. It has created jobs for those in the tech industry. But others have been left outside to dry. The initial setup is said to be heavy on the wallet but at the same time in these uncertain times cost effective as it seems the world will never go back to normality as we have known!

So, it better to bring something borrowed and something new to the table and let the audience feast at the variety of options laid up for them.

The option of bringing the red carpet and exclusive events to peoples living room is set to become a norm. Finding ways to think outside the box, whilst still making a-profit and engaging sponsors has to some become the challenge.

However, by offering incentives and bringing the event to life seems to be the way forward especially for us at the Heart of Hollywood. We want to engage our audience we don’t want anyone to feel left out.

We are still supporting designers, by not only showcasing them on our virtual runway, but asking our audience to support too, by dressing up and sending the photographs for red carpet audience virtual red-carpet competition. We are giving away amazing prices to the winners and goody bags as we would if our guests had turned up physically to Hollywood. We are also offering affordable tickets verses the expense of airline tickets, hotel bills and the like. It’s a win - win situation for all.

Off course whilst filming and streaming our virtual red carpet, we have to observe social distancing rules and wear masks to comply with global COVID - 19 rules.

Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures is known for being inclusive and promoting multicultural diversity.

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