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Comedy...thy Name and Talent is Alexis

August 23, 2021. It was a Sunday night. I was at the Brewhouse. Covid restrictions were finally loosening their grip around the collective human need to bond and where better to enjoy the once again appreciated return to freedom than at a stand up comedy performance with a cold one in hand, right?! Right! Well, that is, unless you were the next comic called up and your name happened to be Alexis.

In the history of horrible introductions this had to be the worst. I can't remember the number of comics that preceded Alexis but I will never forget two things about that night:

1) The anticipation of catching her act. Alexis is so beautiful her charisma hits you like a freight train as soon as you see her, people use to call it "star quality"! That "thing" that makes audiences want to pay attention she has plenty of so I was really excited to watch her perform! and...

2) The HUSH that chilled the crowd like a sudden arctic blast that made us all tighten our still obligatory masks (unless you were eating or drinking) a little closer to our mouths and nose. The MC; "Here she is directly from her recent bout with COVID...Alexis Prigo!

I'm paraphrasing the intro given but that was the meat and potatoes of it. Keep in mind at the time stating in public someone had "just" gotten over covid was like saying your house is "just" a little bit on fire"! But here's the deal... despite that intro, she went on. She picked up the mic, she was shook up, she was angry but she went on. That impressed me more than her looks, her "star quality" or her very funny set. Alexis Prigo is a pro. The stuff it takes to make one a star she proved to everyone in the room (that didn't go running for "Z Hills") she had it. That's why almost two years to the day later I can't remember the names of the other comedians but I haven't forgotten hers. So, now that I have a platform to do this right, please allow me to introduce to you and to the world the next comedian on the come up. Ladies and Gentleman... Alexis Prigo!

1) Where are you from? Where do you reside currently?

I'm born and raised in Southern California. I grew up all over but the majority of my childhood I lived in Upland and Claremont.

I now live in Pasadena, CA.

2) What's your educational background?

I'm currently finishing up my communications degree. Next on my list is to get my MBA. As a comedian, you are the business, I want to make sure I have a better understanding of how to navigate a personal brand.

3) What got you into comedy, particularly stand up?

I thought by pursuing acting that I would land a comedic role and that would get my foot in the door. Growing up I embarrassingly didn't know being a standup comedian was a thing. I thought comedians were only late-night talk show hosts. Then I started going to the Ice House with my dad on Thursdays for Comedy Juice. I decided that was way too scary for me, so I tried improv at the Groundlings. I wasn't that good but a guy in my class suggested I try stand up. As a gift, my dad bought me classes for Bobby Oliver's Comedy Workshop and the rest is history. And by history, I mean I performed in dark bars for 5 years.

4) Do you remember your first gig in front of an audience? How did that performance go for you?

My first gig was at Flappers in Burbank. It was for a showcase with over 100 people in the audience. I remember my legs went numb because I was so nervous. I remember hitting them as I walked on stage to make sure I wasn't having a stroke. I did 5-minutes, and it went really well! After that, I knew I had to do this for the rest of my life.

5) How long have you been in the business?

9 years

6) Are you married, single or divorced?


7) Any children?

No kids but I have a Jack Russell/Bichon named Stella. Waiting for the day when I can count her as a dependent on my taxes.

8) How many times a year do you perform?

I average around 2-3 shows a week. I would say somewhere around 100+ shows a year.

9) What does it take to become a working comic?

Dedication, commitment, lots of failure, talent and some luck.

10) What event in your life led you to comedy?

I'm not sure it was a particular event but more of this gravitation pull that kept leading me to do stand up. I still feel that energy creep in when I want to give up. It's like a scary movie. Artist can't run from creating, it will haunt you until you've generated something.


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11)How do you handle "hecklers"?

Sometimes I reason with them. I protect them, I'm too nice. Like, "You know what, I don't think they've ever been to a comedy club before, so they don't know the proper etiquette." or "Some people think it's an interactive show and that's ok! they came out on a Tuesday night!"

If heckler is so bad, I don't even say anything. I'm usually in shock, like I encountered a bear. The worst thing you can do is ask them questions. Don't look at them in the eyes.

12) Do you still get nervous before a performance? If so, what's your process to get over it and get onstage?

Yes! I get nervous before every single show. I tried for years to get rid of it. It took me 9 years to adopt all of its uncomfortableness and now it's become part of my process. I'm "one" with stage fright it's so disgustingly Zen of me. It all disappears when I grab the mic, like clockwork.

13) What do you consider your best bit onstage?

I love all my jokes right now but my newest jokes I hold close to my heart. Those carry more energy.

14) What are your future goals in comedy?

I want to be on lineups where I'm the shittiest one. I need more hands-on experience to learn from the greats!

Of course, anything Netflix, Comedy Central, Hulu etc. related.

15) Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years?

I can see myself starring in a series and developing into a writer/producer. I gotta lot of ideas.

16) Do you have anything special upcoming that you would like to promote?

My shows are posted and updated weekly on my website -

Do yourselves and your funny bones a favor by checking out this lady now while ticket prices don't require a 750 credit rating or a consigner because I promise you she's that good and shes on her way to being that big!

IG: @alexisprigo

TikTok: @alexisprigo

Dempsey Gibson

IG @dempseygibson

Twitter @dempseygibson

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