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Coach Randy and His Truth Coaching While Pioneering His Own Lane

About Truth Coach Randy

Truth Coach Randy is a person that truly believes the world is made better one person at a time by focusing on past traumas that have had a major effect on people’s mental state. The answer lies within each person’s story that needs to be addressed through the eyes of the storyteller as the main character. This is the only way to get to answers, you have to be okay with addressing what really affects you without the fear of another’s opinion. Coach Randy helps people to put themselves completely 1st without the fear of others' feelings. This is important and actually comes from his battle with trauma. He once protected his immediate family of the trauma he faced because Coach Randy did not want to rattle the picture that had been painted.

The problem was he was suffering from depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts while he waited on someone to be concerned with what he thought about how his life was going. It was never going to happen and he eventually found himself raising his children in the same manner until Coach Randy saw that sad little kid that he was in them. That was his breaking point when he had to choose his future over continuing to wait on different results from his past. The past was not going to change and it was upon Coach Randy to change the narrative and let the chips fall as they may because the most important thing at that crossroad was his children understanding that opportunities are limitless and it is not fair of their father to create boundaries due to his past trauma.