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CEO Of From Pain To Purpose LLC, Sheri Simmons

Sheri Simmons is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Her purpose is to educate, inspire, lead, uplift, and motivate people. She is very fortunate to be able to do so in the career paths she has chosen. Sheri always strives to work hard and be the best version of herself. Her company From Pain To Purpose guides people to turn their pain through purpose in various ways.

Writers Academy is the name of the six-weel program Sheri created to prepare aspiring writers for careers as authors. The course is also available to youth ages 11–17.

Purposeful Transformation™ was created to give women a safe space to work on their healing journey. In a group setting women learn how to effectively communicate, self-reflect, create boundaries, and all the necessary steps to heal, gain self-confidence, and most importantly self-love for themselves.

Sheri is also working on a nonprofit to assist students who express interest in going to law school. Her nonprofit will also work with people who have been wrongfully accused of crimes. Her background in political science and law has sparked a desire to assist in social and civil injustices.

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