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CEO Fresh On Her Rise To Success Through Trials & Tribulations

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Commencing her career at the mere age of nineteen the budding CEO, Fresh, knew she was predestined for eminence. At the inception of her career, she secured a position as an apprentice with Cash Money Records. In addition to acquiring a vast opportunity, Fresh was presented to tour nationally on one of the most successful tours to date. She served as a vital apprentice on the “America's Most Wanted Tour” with Young Money. The national tour generated gateways for Fresh to bridge relationships with immense public figures such as: Young Money, Soulja Boy, Pleasure P, and Young Jeezy. Subsequent to the “America's Most Wanted Tour”, Fresh landed a position at CEG talent. The agency was recognized as the largest mid-size agency in New York City.

At the agency, she continually elevated, perfected, and developed her craft within the entertainment industry. As she heightened in her flourishing career in entertainment she acquired an innovative position at Vegas Style Entertainment. Once settled in her new position, Fresh's talent emerging through her work was inevitable. Elevating in her craft she went on to coordinate three world-renowned tours including: megastar Chris Brown's “Fame Tour”, and Kool & The Gang with Van Hellen. At twenty-three years old, Fresh consolidated the knowledge she obtained within the entertainment industry and decided to convert into her own boss. She launched her business “BYOB" an acronym for “B.e Y.our O.wn B.oss”. In 2017, she opened her storefront EIE Studios, BYOB Supplies, Fresh Collection, and EIE Customs. As the powerhouse she is, Fresh, made her brand deliveries from the trunk of her car until her website was manufactured. The storefront was widely successful for four years.

Fresh gained a plethora of new clientele throughout her business ventures. Which led her to convert into a national entrepreneurial success. Due to the untimely global COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, the storefront was closed. Nonetheless, her immensely flourishing urban clothing brand “Fresh Collection” remained opened virtually. Fresh continues to elevate in her entrepreneurial success. In less than a year she contracted her brand “Fresh Collection” in multiple local storefronts. As well, she obtained a vast contract with Bloomfield College as the designer for Big PBI. She owns “Vintage Vanitiez” in which she manufactures and sells custom furniture, serves as a small business consultant, and recently opened a restaurant “Suite 29” a seafood & soul food eatery.

She and her fiancé/business partner Roxanne are making major moves making their mark as an up-and-coming power couple! Serving as the face of determination Fresh also graduated from Oaksterdam University where is certified in “Indoor Horticulture” and “Business Marijuana”. Her next business venture is opening up dispensaries in New Jersey and joining the legal marijuana dispensary industry.

Keep up-to-date by connecting on Instagram @byobfresh

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