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CELYNA - A Short Film spotlighting - A Must See

Updated: Mar 24


By Angel Men Chan

Instagram @angelmenchan

Dedicated to Tyler Chan Nunez, my nephew, who passed away at 21 years old on April 27, 2023.

The special screening of the short film CELYNA, benefiting Boo2Bullying, a 501c3 organization committed to educating youth about the harmful effects of bullying and striving to eliminate it from schools, occurred on Sunday, March 25, 2024. The event brought together a star-studded lineup of celebrities and entertainers, including Mirabell from Saturdays, Anais Lee from The Babysitters Club, comedians Melvin Jackson from Everybody Hates Chris and his son, Dana Sparks from Passions, and Chris Mulkey from the film starring Tom Hanks, Captain Phillips.

Held at the prestigious Wilshire Screening Room in Beverly Hills, attendees had the chance to support a noble cause while enjoying the talents of these well-known individuals. The film was directed by Artisha Mann-Cooper, an up and coming female Producer and Director. The event aimed to raise awareness about the pervasive issue of bullying and spark positive change in school environments.

The connection between bullying and suicide is a difficult and sensitive topic that cannot be ignored. Tragic stories of bullied teens taking their own lives are all too common and deeply impact their loved ones. It's crucial to acknowledge the intricate factors that lead bullying victims from feelings of depression and hopelessness to considering suicide. According to a study conducted by Yale University, individuals who are targeted by bullies are between 2 to 9 times more likely to contemplate suicide compared to those who are not targeted. These statistics highlight the urgent need to address the harmful effects of bullying and provide support to those who are vulnerable to its devastating consequences.

Suicide itself is a complex issue that disproportionately affects young people at alarming rates. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that youth and young adults aged 10-24 account for 15% of all suicides nationally. With a suicide rate of 11.0 per 100,000 individuals, it is the second leading cause of death in this age group. Shockingly, national suicide rates for this demographic have witnessed a 52.2% increase between the last 20 years, underscoring the urgent need for intervention and support. These sobering statistics serve as a wake-up call to the pressing need for mental health awareness, intervention, and resources to address the growing crisis of youth suicide.

The event held at the Wilshire Screening Room served as a platform to shed light on the critical issue of bullying and its devastating consequences, particularly its link to suicide among young people. By bringing together influential figures from the entertainment industry, the event aimed to amplify the message of anti-bullying advocacy and promote positive change in school environments.

Philbert Chen, 11 year old actor Taiwanese American prodigy, as seen in the Academy Award Winning 2023 Film, Everything Everywhere All at Once, plays the main protagonist Celyna's little brother Adam in the film. He wanted to be an actor since the first grade said, “Acting is extremely fun and makes you connect with unique people. I enjoyed making friends with the Directors and Actors.”

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 988 and can be accessed by phone or text at any time. If someone is in immediate danger, call 911.

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