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Screenwriter and Director Shaun J. Guzman Is Intrigued by Genres Such as Horror and Suspense

Shaun J. Guzman is a screenwriter and director who writes interesting and captivating stories that can capture the heart of the world. The genres that intrigue him as a writer are horror, mystery, thriller, suspense, and sci-fi.

“As a director, I capture unforgettable moments on camera. I feel those moments on camera speak volumes. I have a studio company called Creative Mind Pictures Studio. The studio was created in order to tell stories and capture a lifetime of moments on camera, while leaving people in the audience breathless as the wondrous world of cinema unfolds before their eyes,” says Shaun. “At our studios, we carry on with the legacy by filming stories on Panavision with 35 MM, 70 MM, CinemaScope, and Super 8 to enrich our storytelling. My brother, Jimmy Lee Guzman, is my director of photography and makeup artist. Jimmy is gifted, he has the astounding ability to move the camera and capture mesmerizing moments. Jimmy has gifted hands for creating textures and layers when applying makeup on humans. His abilities are hypnotic, to say the least. He is a true professional.”

What motivated you to become a director and a writer?

Passion, love, and a deep devotion to the art of film.

What are some of the projects you are currently working on?

I finished working on short scripts for A Heart of an Angel, A Smile of an Angel, and Me, Myself & The Invisible World. I need to do more polishing on those scripts, but they are ready to go into production. I just need someone to say "I want to give you an opportunity at getting these scripts off of the table and into production".

Is there a particular story that you would like to direct or write?

I am just itching to direct my short scripts and show my artistic artistry to audiences overseas.


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What's your dream, your ultimate goal? Do you feel like you're on the path to this goal, or do you feel as if you already achieved that dream?

My goal in life is to make the biggest impact in showbiz and finally say "ladies and gentlemen, here I am”, after enduring all the blood, sweat, and tears required by the hard work of getting into the industry.

What is your message for our Heart Of Hollywood Magazine readers?

Heart of Hollywood Magazine is unique. This magazine is both glamorous and educational, a pleasure to look through and to read.



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