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Zsamiyah Mayes Has Used Modeling as a Path toward Creativity and Self-Discovery

Zsamiyah Mayes is a model and actress represented by iCatch Management. Along with Shuburah Goyal, the founder of that agency, she will be attending IMTA 2022, an international convention for models, actors, dancers, singers, and songwriters from around the world hosted by the International Modeling & Talent Association.

Zsamiyah is currently majoring in Finance at Eastern Michigan University. Her goals for the rest of this year consist of meeting other models, agents, photographers, and many others in the fashion industry. She looks forward to taking her career in modeling and acting to the next level.

Photographer: Kell Myrick with Eyegauge Media LLC.

What made you decide to become a model?

I was first introduced to acting. While exploring that, everyone encouraged me to model as well. Eventually, I gave modeling a shot and I really enjoyed it. I loved the excitement you feel at events and the other models’ energy. It also became a way for me to express myself.