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Building a Community of Black Excellence: Black Media Honors

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

August 21-22nd 2021 The Black Media Honors™ celebrated its Inaugural Awards season, building on the momentum African American and minority professionals have gained over countless years. The two-day event included networking, red-carpet vibes, elegant dinner-style tv taped award ceremony, panel discussions from media relations and public relations professionals. In particular, "Behind the Press" Consortium Pre-Awards signature event. The event was a panel discussion of an association of media, celebrities, minority-owned companies, organizations, and law influencers with the objective of pooling their resources for achieving the common goal of changing and controlling the narrative of African Americans and American minorities in media.

The Black Media Honors™ Gala followed which brought together many of the nation’s most influential creatives, communicators, and aspiring communications students to celebrate the stellar work being produced across the nation. In attendance were highly notable celebrities, influencers, publicists, entrepreneurs, and media professionals from around the country.

The Awards Gala recognized leaders who have successfully promoted the region through special events, best public relations campaigns; media personalities, journalists, organizations, initiatives, culture focused broadcast networks and programs who pay particular attention to societal issues and values; the local public relations industry; and exceptional college students majoring in public relations, media, mass communication, journalism etc.

The honorees serve as an example of the great minority talent we have in the media industry and reflect public relation’s core strength of helping people move their careers & brands forward. The goal is to establish syndication on a national platform.

The awards production will be showcased through AspireTV's digital and linear platform "In the Loop" AspireTV is a black-owned national television network. Owned by Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Aspire is the only television network that celebrates, shares, and reflects black culture + urban lifestyle.

The event was hosted by Pastor Anthony Murray and Brely Evans. Other Celebrities that were spotted in attendance were B2K's Raz B, Drea Kelly, Syleena Johnson, Gary With The Tea, Ms. Juicy, mother of Trayvon Martin, @sybrinafulton, the mother of Sandra Bland, @sandra_blandmatters (Geneva Reed-Veal), and more.

Post the Gala to conclude the weekend was the Anthony Hamilton Experience which was hosted by Britni Moore on behalf of Media Girls On Tour. The Music Legend engaged in a listening party with the audience of his upcoming album which features Jennifer Hudson and Lil Jon.

The BMH team includes PRESIDENT | FOUNDER Stephanie Davis, MBA, EVENTS MANAGER Terracia Brown-Wilkinson, FINANCE MANAGER | CPA Shalisha Tharpe-Mckoy, MEDIA RELATIONS | PARTNERSHIPS Martie Bowser, and EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Felicia Fencl.

Learn more about the Honorees, and two-day event by visiting and connecting on Instagram @blackmediahonor

Photography by SwagHer Magazine and Marcus Ingram of Getty Images

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