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Broadway International Film Festival

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine recently had the honor of being a part of the Broadway International Film Festival, which showcased short films from different countries, with a strong focus on Latin America.

Headed by Executive Director Emilio Vega, BIFFLA was a three-day event held at a beautiful venue in Downtown Los Angeles, the Mexican Center for Culture and Cinematic Arts (CCCM), nestled within the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles. This event space boasting a gallery and a movie theater welcomes Mexican and Mexican-American talent, as well as any other artist who works in a Mexican cultural milieu.

Broadway International Film Festival Red Carpet Photo

Photo Credit: Donna Wilson

Media Press Heart Of Hollywood Magazine

The opening night, on August 24th, included a red carpet, a cocktail reception, and a ceremony where Marcela Celorio, Consulate General of Mexico in Los Angeles; the tireless Emilio Vega; and actor and producer Jerry Velasco and Heart Of Hollywood CEO Giovanna Salas were the MCs for the evening.

Representatives from the Consulates of Paraguay, El Salvador, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, and Guatemala were in attendance.

Cynthia Prida, Cultural Attaché of the Consulate General of Mexico in Los Angeles, was also present, along with guests of honor such as Carla Hool, casting director; Ambassador Vivian Panting, cofounder of the Broadway International Film Festival Los Angeles during her tenure as Consulate General of Honduras; Yanalte Galvan Kent, Lo Maximo radio and podcast anchor; Danny Pardo, film and TV actor; and businessman Donald Portocorrero, accompanied by his wife, Dr. Nancy E. Portcorrero.



Actor, producer, and Heart Of Hollywood Magazine cover model Halas Wilbourn flew in from Georgia to autograph copies of the latest issue of our publication. Heart Of Hollywood Magazine editor Sandy Rodriguez signed her award-winning book, Choose to Prevail, which caught the eye of numerous festival attendees.

Halas and Sandy were joined by additional Heart Of Hollywood team members, including Markus Herrera, Henry Nunez, Angela Nunez, and Richard Stermer.

Crooner Manee Valentine walked around the event space, regaling guests with moving, romantic songs.

Day two of the program featured a panel discussion about the present and future of cinema. The third day’s closing ceremony was led by Executive Director Vega and MC Gabby Rosales, a respected TV news reporter.

The event drew a very large crowd, including actor Terroon Kibwe, fashion entrepreneur Shagun Gupta, and Karla Silva, a public relations and real estate expert. WPS Events was among the providers ensuring a perfectly-executed experience on the red carpet for guests. The event was a true success.

Photo Credits: Donna Wilson

We are going to be posting more photos soon!


These short films, along with corresponding question and answer sessions, delighted the audience. A song, “Que Canten los Niños”, was sung after the first evening’s movies.

They Call Us Seditious - Director Iz Gutiérrez, U.S.A., 16min:51sec

El Salto - Director Thais Drassinower, Peru, 16min:00sec

Life Without Me - Director Inge, Spain, 14min:00sec

Painful Reflex - Director Alexis Estaban Amarilla, Paraguay, 02min:00sec

Decimas - Director Alejandro Naculef, Panama, 05min:00sec

We Said Good Bye - Director Malu Solis, Mexico, 05min:00sec

Ellas - Director Marina Bakica, USA, 10min:00sec.

Hope Overcomes Everything - Director Anastacia Shinkarenko, Ukraine, 02min:15sec

Pin in the Sky - Director Maria Gobetti, USA 01hr:23:0044sec

Calvario - Director Raúl de la Torre, USA, 01hr:57min:00sec

Frente a Frente - Director Mariano Alvarez, USA, 01hr:25min:00sec

Lima Grita - Director Ximena Valdivia, Peru, 01hr:16min:00sec

El Huerfanito - Director Daniel Álvarez, U.S.A., 01hr:45min:00sec

Burning Memories - Director Kenneth Ha, U.S.A., 08min:47sec

Atraves del Túnel - Director Frank Rodriguez, Spain, 30min:00sec

Choices - Director Ruben Guevara, USA, 13min:53sec.

Hey - Director Felix Marinez, U.S.A., 08min:10sec.

Yetzail, Medicine Woman - Director Digcenia Alejandrin, Mexico, 12min:18sec

Fantasma - Directors Diego Manuel Escobar/Natalia Varela, El Salvador

El 19 Nos Sello - Director Juan Caceres, El Salvador

Phosphoros - Director Beatriz Serran, El Salvador

LAntourage - Directors Ricky Montez/Anthony “Citric” Campos/Deana Molle, U.S.A., 02min:10sec

The following films were not screened in person. They were part of an exciting, modern online program.

Strictly Meringue - Director Dan Delfos, USA, 06min:21sec

It’s Not a Big Deal - Director Gisselle Loera, USA, 12min:27sec

The Greatest of All Time - Director Brody Gusar, USA, 01hr:33min:20sec

Earth is My Home - Director Noome Noomen, Tunisia, 07mins:58sec

meden again...Nothing Be - Director Alessandro Vantini, 01hr:35min:00sec

Final Spurt - Director Haoyang Lian, China, 19min:19sec

Andromeda - Director Anna Salceda, Spain, 40min:30sec

Human Trash - Director Aitor Almuedo, Spain, 16min:38sec

No Comment - Director Zhivar Farajzadeh, Iran, 04min:00sec

Unconditional Love - Director Walles Lu, Turkey, 03min:19sec

The Coming Thing - Director Bugra Aslanyurek, 04min:00sec

The Smurfs, Season 1 - Director Gregoire Pascual, Canada, 11min:00sec

Azar - Director Fabian Palacios V, Mexico, 16min:30sec

Parent Alienation - Director Bud Joseph H., U.S.A., 13min:57sec

Vinny - Director Tyler Roscoe, U.S.A., 07min:03sec

Finding Vega - Director Joey Xuetongzhao, U.S.A., 22min:00sec.

Conversation Therapy - Director Rodomir Jordannovic, U.S.A., 02min:43sec

Symbiosis - Director Nacci Alberto, Russian Federation, 03min:15sec

Let the Wind Sing - Director Igor Sukachev, Taiwan, 10min:00sec

Where I Am From - Director Sina Nazarin, Cyprus, 29min:45sec

The Holding Room - Director Samuel Punto, Germany, 15min:58sec

Hong Kong - Director Kashing Chu, Luxembourg, 15min:00sec

American Boxed In - Director Casey G Williams, U.S.A., 01hr:42min:.00sec

Addiction - Director Sergei Stern, USA, 06min:00sec.

Between the Line - Director Dashiell Raimi, U.S.A., 12min:57sec

Mr. Catman Bring Me a Dream - Director Tzu Yu Pan, Taiwan, 2min:31sec

The Tale of the Deaf - Director Philip Yuriev, Taiwan, 19min:39sec


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