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“Bobcat Moretti" Defines Excellence, Setting the Bar for Inspirational Films in 2023

By Jessica Ross

In the kaleidoscope of 2023's film releases, "Bobcat Moretti" emerges as a beacon of inspiration, weaving a tale of triumph over adversity and inner peace. The film tells the story of an obese MS patient who takes up his late Father's sport of boxing to overcome personal tragedy and find inner peace. Filmed over the course of one year, allowing lead actor Tim Realbuto time to lose 154-pounds and embody the role.

Rob Margolies . Photo credit : Amy Graves, Getty Images

Directed and produced by the visionary Rob Margolies, featuring powerhouse performances with a dynamic ensemble cast, this cinematic gem stands out for several reasons that make it a must-watch for audiences of all ages.

Rob Margolies: Guiding Light of Cinematic Inspiration At the helm of "Bobcat Moretti" is director and founder of Different Duck Films, Rob Margolies. Known for his previous work on "She Wants Me," Margolies brings a unique touch to this heart-wrenching drama. His ability to infuse each frame with emotion and authenticity elevates the film to a higher plane. Margolies not only directs but also produces alongside a dedicated team, showcasing his unwavering commitment to bringing powerful stories to life.

Vivica A. Fox: A Force of Talent & Presence In the ensemble cast, Vivica A. Fox shines as a beacon of talent and experience. Having graced the screens in iconic films like "Kill Bill," Fox's presence in "Bobcat Moretti" adds a layer of gravitas to the narrative. Her portrayal of a character grappling with personal tragedy is not just a performance; it's a masterclass in acting. Fox, who also serves as an executive producer, brings a wealth of wisdom to the set, creating a collaborative environment that enriches the film's storytelling.

Vivica A. Fox . Photo credit : Amy Graves, Getty Images

Different Generations, United by a Common Goal "Bobcat Moretti" breaks new ground by bringing together performers from different generations, creating a tapestry of talent that resonates across age groups. Taryn Manning, known for her role in "Orange Is The New Black," collaborates with seasoned actors like Matt McCoy and Oscar Nominee Sally Kirkland. This convergence of generations not only enriches the on-screen dynamics but also mirrors the film's underlying message of unity and shared humanity.

Taylor Brusky, Rob Margolies, Dawnmarie Deshaies, Jaxon Goldenberg, Tim Realbuto, Vivica A. Fox, Sheria Irving and Jay Hieron

As Tim Realbuto, the writer and male lead, embarks on a real-life weight loss journey losing 100 pounds through boxing, the collaborative spirit extends beyond the screen. A team of experts, including doctors, trainers, and nutritionists, supports Realbuto in his transformative quest, underscoring the film's commitment to authenticity and empowerment. Partnering with Broadway World Boxing Gym in Los Angeles further cements the film's dedication to weaving a narrative that goes beyond entertainment – it's a journey of resilience and self-discovery.

Tim Realbuto

 "Bobcat Moretti" stands not just as a film but as an inspirational symphony that unites generations, celebrates resilience, and reminds us that, in the face of adversity, we can find inner peace. Through Margolies' direction and Fox's captivating presence, this film invites audiences on a transformative journey, leaving an indelible mark on hearts and minds alike in the tapestry of 2023’s cinematic landscape. 

Brenda Mejia

Vivica A. Fox and I

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