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Benet Embry. The Lonestar States Newest Star!

Everything is bigger in Texas! If there is any question about the validity of that old chestnut all you have to do is take a look at my interview subject today. Over 6 feet tall and muscular Benet looks more fitting to the world famous "Cowboys" practice field of his home state than behind a typewriter searching for dialogue , characters and storylines but don't let the brawn fool ya. Underneath that linebacker exterior beats the heart of a true artist!

From his successful and very popular radio program, " The Benet Embry Show" to the recent award winning run of the table at the inaugural "Ladies in Film and Television Texas Indie Filmmaker Awards" where the actor/director walked away with "Best Director", "Best Feature Film", "Best Talk Show" and "Best Talk Show Host" top honors this auteur is definitely setting up his claim to fame!

With Hollywood now firmly in his sites I wanted to make sure I was able to introduce my readers to the next big thing, before the next big thing becomes so big he doesn't return my

Ladies and Gentlemen, the best commodity to come out of the west since t-bone steaks and bull riding allow me to present "10 Questions With"... Mr. Benet Embry.


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1) Benet, first question out of the gate. How did you get into the world of film, television AND radio?

It actually happened by accident. There was an incident where I had to take anger management. One of the courses was creative writing. I have always written since I was a kid so I took that class to get the system off my back, plus I knew it would be easy for me. So I was writing poems and the supervisor of the class suggested I go to an open mic. I did that for a while then a producer for a local station met me backstage and asked me to come and audition to host/start a show. He was looking for new talent. I went and auditioned and The Benet Embry Show was started. From there I got opportunities to start doing stage plays and films came after that. 2) Where are you from originally?

Tyler, Texas (North Tyler) 3) How did you and your wife meet?

I was in one of those Facebook groups and I saw her. She intrigued me. From that point I hopped in her DMs and introduced myself. The rest is history.

4)How long have you been married?

10 years

5) When did you start writing/acting?

I always had the ability to express myself via writing. I come from a family of writers. I have aunts, uncles, cousins that are extremely talented writers and my mother is an outstanding writer. The acting part I suppose was in middle school. I joined the Drama club just because I knew a lot of girls would be in the class. My very first play I was the tin man in our rendition of the Wizard Of Oz. I stepped back in high school because of sports but I would always watch TV and imitate my favorite actors. I didn't jump back into it (or should I say take it seriously) until the incident I described earlier. Now I can't imagine my life without writing or being in front of the camera. 6) How many films have you written and produced?

Two going on three, with many more to come. 7) How many awards have you won/ been nominated for in film/tv/radio?

For film I was nominated for two awards and won. For radio I was nominated for two awards and won both categories. So a total of four altogether. 8) What do you like to do when you have time off?

Just be with my wife, travel when we can. Chill with the kids. I am a Freemason (Lebanon Lodge #837. Frisco Tx) and we get involved with giving back to the community.

9) What's next for you in film/tv/radio?

Last year myself and Hudrell Jones started a production company called 'Clearwater Productions LLC'. We just finished our first film 'Older Man Younger Woman' and it will be out later this year. We are also starting our next film 'Ten Toes Down" late summer. So I am excited about that for Benet Embry the writer and director. For Benet Embry the actor I am still auditioning via my agents, taking opportunities as they come, improving myself in the craft and pushing myself to that next level. I am equally excited about that as well.

10) who are some of the guests you've interviewed on your radio show?

Man. Off the top of my head.... Erika Alexander, Keith Robinson, Harry Lennix, Tracey N. Bonner, Clifton Powell, Dominque Perry, Algee Smith, Heather A. Simms, Denzel Whitaker, Allen Maldonado,

Gary Sturgis, Jackie Long, Adina Howard, Hawthorne James, Timon Kyle Durrett...just to name a few.

Those were all great interviews and I learned a lot from them. They are still online on YouTube. If you want to check them out. Just search The Benet Embry Show, subscribe and check out all the interviews.

Thanks to Benet for taking the time out of his crazy busy schedule to share some of his fast track career with the Heart of Hollywood readers!

Benet's links to follow: IMDB: FB: Benet Embry IG BenetEmbry AND ClearwaterProduction Twitter: BenetEmbryShow SnapChat: BenetEmbryShow Tik Tok: BenetEmbry


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Sep 04, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great insight and progressive talent... Nicky Shane

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