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Authors Who Inspire: Abed Ereikat

Abed is a first-time published author, who currently resides in Orlando, Florida. He holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and Politics from the Modern Community College. He is an exemplary leader who holds awards in public speaking and listening skills from Toastmaster International. Abed is a motivational public speaker. His passion for elevating, coaching, inspiring, and motivating others is admirable. He believes that lifting others to their higher calling is gratifying and the way it should be. His favorite saying is, “Your attitude determines your altitude.”

Before you became an author were you into reading or writing real-life stories?

YES, I was into reading real-life stories since I was young. After school, I would go to the library to get books and stories about leaders, the heroes in history, and leaders who won wars and sacrificed for the benefit of others.

I love reading stories about servant leadership, courage, persistence, strength, and the will to succeed. There are tons of stories throughout history that opened my imagination. I try to go back in time and imagine what that must be like for those heroes to lead. I learned that the best way to travel the world is through reading.

As an author, what do you think makes a great story and holds the reader’s attention?

I believe any story can be a lesson to the reader and they can positively benefit from it. You get readers' attention by putting them in that story and allowing them to imagine it, feel it, smell it, and live it. That’s what got me in love with reading because I can just imagine and see myself there. I wanted to be like my hero in the story.