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Authors Who Inspire: Abed Ereikat

Abed is a first-time published author, who currently resides in Orlando, Florida. He holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and Politics from the Modern Community College. He is an exemplary leader who holds awards in public speaking and listening skills from Toastmaster International. Abed is a motivational public speaker. His passion for elevating, coaching, inspiring, and motivating others is admirable. He believes that lifting others to their higher calling is gratifying and the way it should be. His favorite saying is, “Your attitude determines your altitude.”

Before you became an author were you into reading or writing real-life stories?

YES, I was into reading real-life stories since I was young. After school, I would go to the library to get books and stories about leaders, the heroes in history, and leaders who won wars and sacrificed for the benefit of others.

I love reading stories about servant leadership, courage, persistence, strength, and the will to succeed. There are tons of stories throughout history that opened my imagination. I try to go back in time and imagine what that must be like for those heroes to lead. I learned that the best way to travel the world is through reading.

As an author, what do you think makes a great story and holds the reader’s attention?

I believe any story can be a lesson to the reader and they can positively benefit from it. You get readers' attention by putting them in that story and allowing them to imagine it, feel it, smell it, and live it. That’s what got me in love with reading because I can just imagine and see myself there. I wanted to be like my hero in the story.

What did you learn or relearn about yourself when you were writing your memoir?

I learned that I am vulnerable and can express the sides of myself about which I have the least confidence or certainty. It made me feel human and there’s nothing to be ashamed of as long as you are being YOU.

What is your favorite part of the book, and why is it the most meaningful part of your story for you?

The truth is EVERY part is my favorite because all of it is true and it's my story. It's what got me here so I feel proud of each word and each chapter. However, the beginning and the first few chapters are favorites because they talked about my parents and how I was raised which shaped me into the man who I am today.

Does writing energize or exhaust you? Why?

Writing a WORLD OF GOOD ENERGIZED me because it woke up every memory and every feeling in my body as it just happened. It did take me back to my childhood and brought a smile and tears to my face since my childhood were the BEST days of my life. Also, I felt by having this book born, I can never die as my story will live forever for anyone who wants to benefit from it and learn that all things are possible.

Have you ever gotten emotional while writing your memoir? If so, describe that moment.

OH YESSSS, as I am writing and remembering the moments I am writing about from my dad, my mom, sisters, and brothers. I couldn’t help the tears from gushing from my eyes and wondering how much I miss those days. There were 10 of us living in a little house with very little but we were so rich in love, and respect for one another.

I remembered the laughter and the sadness and how my parents created a cohesive unit based on love, respect, kindness, and trust. It wasn’t about money or material things, only love and kindness. That’s why I couldn’t help the tears as I am writing this book because I miss that world and those days and all I can do is cherish those days.

The AMAZING memories I was blessed to have and carry the message of love and kindness to all who I come across in this world as an ambassador of love and kindness and on behalf of my family.

Is there anything you wish you would have added to the book? If so, what topics do you wish you could have touched on more?

I felt I touched on all that needed to be shared but the one thing I can’t write enough about is my DAD, that requires a whole book by itself as he was my hero, my mentor, champion, and until this day, when I am in a situation I ask myself, what my father would have done in this situation? There are not enough words to describe the man he was.

In what ways does “The World Of Good” do a world of good?

In so many ways. Each chapter is the lesson of trial and tribulation that if I can make it, anyone can. I want the reader to see the power of mindset, the values, and the principles that my life has been hinged upon. And those are not for an elite few but for a generation to rise up, apply them, for a life worth living and a world worth living in.

Any upcoming events, projects, or plans you can share with us at this time?

I'm working hard on becoming a motivational speaker to take the stage and spread kindness and the power of mindset everywhere. I'm am saying to everyone that it's possible. I see that many people nowadays give up easily even though they have way more resources and support than ever. They lack the determination, the will, the mindset, and belief in themselves.

Also, I want to be a coach and a consultant in hospitality. While being hospitable everywhere I show up.

A World of Good was published via Rojas Publishing, 2020.

Access the book online:

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