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Updated: Jun 24, 2021

These days during the pandemic everything has become a challenge, coping with each of the everyday situations is sometimes difficult, but we have learned to live more with ourselves finding even in the simplest a way to love ourselves and empower us by doing meaningful things.

Sometimes talking about self-love sounds very easy and seems a recipe, however it is a long process and not everyone can follow the instructions. In addition, for each one us the concept of “loving and empowering ourselves” is expressed differently… Does self-love mean feeling satisfied with the path we are taking? Do we have to listen ourselves and putting ourselves first sometimes? Is it about to be happy when we are achieving success? Is it looking at ourselves in a mirror and not criticizing our own bodies? Is it simply being happy with what make us happy?

Although there is no formula that tells you how to learn to love yourself, I am sure of one thing, self-love is not only physical process… it goes further. Having the courage to take care of our peace of mind, knowing and accepting our negative sides would be the first step to be who we really are, perhaps for someone it sounds a bit selfish. It is also very important to put ourselves sometimes before others, I mean, sometimes you need not to care what the rest say. If people you know do not like your personality or the way you look like, we are not asking for their opinion!

Also try to solve your internal problems, the feelings that you are repressing… it is okay not to be okay. Our life needs to feel and take a break when it is necessary but be aware that when a problem is not solved it can turn into something harmful to you in the long term and make everything more complicated. Remember rough moments do not last forever.

The hardest thing about the pandemic was being locked up, because when shadows and darkness were bigger we wanted to get out of it. We missed to feel us genuine with the people who made us laugh and forget our thoughts. However, today it feels different especially because something has changed. We have learned to see through shadows and darkness and fin our own lights to be ourselves again and express a better version of us. What parts of me have improved? Which ones have gotten worse? Maybe you are still in the process of getting to know that side of you and find a beautiful way to grow. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow - but you will get there one day. Love yourself enough to let go and see how free you are ready to do it! Therefore, I want to share with you some tips that have been helping me for having a peaceful mind.


I know it is not a great phrase, and you may wonder, what makes me happy? Well, you are in the best moment of your life to know that...Try new things, try! There is no better feeling than happiness because it makes us feel good about ourselves. Positivity is transmitted in all areas of our brain. Let it stay, let it go… Relax! Just enjoy it.

When you are a happy person, you feel empowered and motivated to do great things in your life, to make changes, and to inspire confidence. Happiness can range from making a transformation to yourself, seeing people who transmit you good vibes or doing what you are passionate about. For example, I personally find dancing is something that gives our body an increase in endorphins that produces you a better mood - you don't have to be an expert to do that! Dance what you want, the way you want it. Move your hips babe!


In our life, sometimes we are harsh with ourselves, we tend to put others above us without thinking that we really need to stop. We expect people to take care of us the same way we do for them, however, this life is a train and passengers getting on and getting out. Let them stay or go, but learn to keep the passengers you really appreciate and trust. Remember you are the train driver who need to see your own route and have the best ones who help you to enjoy the journey.

Sometimes being selfish is what we need! We cannot fix other people's problems without even fixing ourselves first. We tend to be hypocrites for advising others about things that we have not been able to change in ourselves. I am not saying that you do not ask for help, on the contrary, when you no longer feel that you are achieving your own standards, you begin to generate certain anxiety and stress problems so it is okay to take a break.

Demanding yourself to give more in order to be ok with others before you are ok with you is a big mistake we usually make in sentimental, working and academic relations. List the situations and people that make you feel stress and try to order who and which of them are important and which ones are not. Choose which ones you need and you want to carry on. Get away a little from your everyday life! Travel, watch series, listen to music or go out with your pets for a walk. Move on!


The standards of beauty and lifestyle are a bomb in our brains, we usually believe that only social media world exists and it is not true… and we know it. We often compare ourselves with other people but the standard we set for ourselves is even higher. We even beat ourselves for not achieving something at this age. We think that failing in our lives is something terrible, but as the phrase in the movie “Meet the Robinsons” From failing, you learn, form success, not so much.

Learn to forgive your past, your mistakes. Forgive yourself, but remain be opened to change the toxic traits that have emerged in your life. Be happy for who you are and learn to accept yourself, that is the definition of self-love. We begin to move forward when we love who we are.

Embrace your personality and your style because it is what defines you. Don’t be afraid to change the recipe, little by little you will learn to light your own flame, to become the light and guide not only of you but of the people around you. Being here today already makes you brave, smart and powerful.

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