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Adele Crushes Us With Another Smash Hit

We've all waited 6 years for Adele to finally give us another piece of her heart and soul.

I first listened to Adele's first song released from her new upcoming album, out November 15th. "Easy On Me" is at first a confusing song. At least it was to this male's mind. It was also 2:30 am. I wasn't exactly in a stunning state of clear thinking.

So, I just listened to it again. It came to me, as always, we are experiencing just what Adele told us we would in her fantastic karaoke car ride with James Corden. Adele explained, in her karaoke ride, that her new album, like the others, rightly named after her year of life (30), is a picture into her life since her last album.

We have all seen the physical change Adele has incredibly undertaken although, I always felt she was beautiful no matter what. Aside from her new "stunning" look, Adele's true self has not changed a bit.

Don't be mistaken, however. Adele has grown and experienced the heartbreak we all experience and reaches deeply in this first release of "Easy On Me."

When I first listened to it, I admittedly thought to myself, well, I've been through it too, and I've been on the end of the person she doesn't mention in this song but is about. I thought, being upset about past treatment of myself and my treatment of my exes, "why should he go easy on you?" Did you break up the marriage, did he? I had all kinds of stupid questions that popped out of the old me...for just a moment.

As I carefully listened to Adele's lyrics and her incredibly passionate voice, I couldn't help but realize that this is the inside of a real down-to-earth woman's thoughts and feelings. That those human feelings matter just as much as mine or anyone else's. With listening comes perception and respect for her honesty and willingness to share her pain and hardships with us in such a beautiful way.

Adele has solidified her place as one of the greatest of all time. If "Easy On Me" is an example of what the rest of her new album, "Adele 30", will be like, she may break records.

Musically, the song definitely differs from past albums but keeps that Adele style we all love. It is a very mesmerizing song, more so each time you listen, and for this's given me another good lesson in how to really listen to a woman's feelings. The lyrics give you a unique understanding of the questions to ask and how to know your partner's true feelings, so relationships can work out better.

I absolutely love the song already!

Adele (30) Album Cover

Thanks, Adele, for another fresh, gorgeously sung, and passionate song. I'm sure anyone who listens to "Easy On Me" and watches the video above will be waiting with bated breath for the complete album release.

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