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Actress Says Her Best Character is Confidence

By Billy Montgomery

When you think of a typical Hollywood actress - real estate investing and flipping houses don’t initially come to mind. However, in real life this is what actress Rachel Currence is starring in these days; but then again, she is far from typical. The native Angeleno has graced stages and screens since she was a child, but in her latest role, you can catch her enhancing properties.

The veteran actress said her interest in investing began early, starting with stocks. However, about six years ago the versatile performer was presented with an opportunity to expand her horizons with real estate investing, and she went for it. A few years and properties later, Currence has found her light in this industry as well. “I had a friend who's very successful in real estate market investing and I asked him for an opportunity,” Currence said. “Fortunately, he gave it to me, and I progressed from there.” Outside of her properties in the LA area, she has successfully flipped in other regions like Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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Issues around timing, securing permits, and protecting financing can be annoying, but going at a steady pace is a virtue, according to Currence. “Participating in stocks early taught me patience because stocks go up and down sometimes,” Currence said. “The (housing) market is challenging right now. We’re looking at higher interest rates. It's a huge frustration but you must be patient and just ride it out.” Her formative years have played a factor in preparing Currence for her current role. Having survived her parents’ divorce at a young age, she credits her mom for imparting confidence in her. For example, Currence said she survived school bullying by leaning on her mother’s words to cope. “They (some students) were mean-spirited but at the time, I kind of just dealt with it,” Currence said.” She added, “My mom taught me resilience and it is something that I still hold onto.”

Photography By Billy Montgomery

Participating in beauty pageants, including winning titles like Little Miss Southern California, opened doors to launch her acting career, according to the San Diego native.

“Soon after winning the (Little Miss Southern California) title, I signed with an agent in Los Angeles. And I started booking national campaigns,” Currence said. “There are so many challenges in acting but I felt ready.” Among the campaign credits Currence has achieved include national commercials for McDonald’s Mighty Kids Meals and Tiger Woods/Target campaign. As her career progressed, she was a recurring character on WB’s Parenthood as well as numerous other high-profile sitcoms and series, including roles on iCarly and True Jackson, VP. Her film recognitions consist of movies like The Ex List, Devil’s Tomb, and Hell Raiser Inferno. But perhaps her most notable role to date was portraying Shamari Fears, wife of New Edition/BBD artist, Ronnie DeVoe in the BET mini-series, The New Edition Story. Her stunning features have also afforded her to be featured in several magazines and online publications. “It's fun to do something different. I like different roles,” Currence said. “Whether it is real estate or acting, it can all be intimidating. You just have to be confident.”

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