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For many people in entertainment, 2023 started off with a bang thanks to SAS Movie Studios. This company hosted an exciting New Year’s Eve party in its Downtown Los Angeles location. Hundreds of guests mixed, mingled, networked, danced, and toasted the year ahead at this unforgettable red carpet event.

Massiel Taveras, actress, director, and former Miss Dominican Republic; Kira Reed Lorsch, Emmy winner, actress, and producer; fight choreographer and action producer Tony Surphman, and Fit TV Network founder David Christopher were among many industry players in attendance.

The event included music by Sylvara, an exciting hard rock and blues band with a side of Celtic influence, as well as extraordinary DJs and one of our Heart Of Hollywood team members, Marianna Karapetyan.

SAS Movie Studios is an ever-growing company that dominates the movie industry, providing inconceivable amounts of equipment in multiple states such as Tennessee and Kentucky. It is truly a one-stop shop for filmmakers, since it owns or co-owns numerous studios and can provide locations, construction, base camps, heavy rental equipment, heating units, generators, trucks, visual effects, set design, and much more for productions of any size. This company has been involved in countless feature films, including Iron Man 2 and 3, The Dark Knight Rises, Star Trek Into Darkness, X-Men, It, The Hunger Games, Angels & Demons, and Transformers 3.


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Shawn Anthony Sequeira, CEO of SAS Movie Studios, was the host of the New Year’s festivities. Born in 1971 in a small town in Kentucky, he had such a high IQ that he was able to go straight to college, bypassing high school. He was the youngest son in his family and was especially young when he began his journey in the industry. Initially, he produced big photography campaigns, then went on to invest in feature films.

Perhaps due to his Christian upbringing, he has always stayed away from the spotlight, and as a youth pastor he produced some of the largest Youth Outreach programs in the country. Now, Shawn’s passion is to promote better values within the entertainment industry. Currently, Shawn owns many divisions of SAS Companies in different states and stages of development.

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine was proud to be part of the event. Much of the team, including CEO Giovanna Salas and magazine editor Sandy Rodriguez were present. Some of the best event photographers and videographers in town, such as Jac Wong, Jose Enriquez and Jean Philip, were in attendance, documenting the event.

SAS Movie Studios and Heart Of Hollywood Magazine wish you much career success and personal fulfillment in 2023 and beyond!

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Batista Gremaud
Batista Gremaud
Mar 11, 2023

great party

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