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A Conversation with Workpreneur, Isabel Rojas’Lopez

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Isabel Rojas’Lopez is a workpreneur born and raised in the Bronx. A career woman with an entrepreneurial spirit. Her mission is to empower others to embrace their greatness. In May of 2020 after tragically losing her younger brother Jonathan Rojas to suicide. Isabel felt it was her duty to be the voice for the voiceless. She founded Healing Looks Great on You LLC. . A platform where she seeks to bring awareness around self-healing and mental wellness thru candle-making. A Six-time published author and owner of her own book publishing company Isabel seeks to bring awareness around the importance of healing generational traumas.

Who is Isabel Lopez?

Isabel is a mother, wife, and advocate for healing. A career woman with an entrepreneurial spirit. A daughter to Dominican descent parents and a woman that walks by faith and not by sight. Born and raised in the Bronx, NY Isabel is no stranger to adversity.

What are some of the most memorable moments in your career so far?

Thus far, I have been in a career that has taught me all about perseverance and has given me a front-row seat to the world both the good and the bad. I am grateful for the tables I have been able to sit at and the wisdom I have gained from it all to carry into my entrepreneurship journey.

One of the most memorable for me came early on in my career in law enforcement when I was able to talk someone out of ending their life. I have carried that memory for 20 years and it was at that moment that I learned that a little extra compassion goes a long way.

What kind of testimonials have you received from people who utilized your services as an entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur the most valuable feedback, I have received was from a young girl that was a patient at a psychiatric facility and after reading my book Parenting from Broken Pieces she was able to effectively communicate with her therapist her trauma. She felt as if the book gave her permission to share her truth.

In my candle journey, the feedback I receive the most is vulnerability, the number of people that DM to thank me for sharing my brother’s story and for encouraging kindness, compassion, and most self-care is a blessing for some that express how they don’t have the outlet to share their true feelings out of fear of being judged. In that DM I take the opportunity to encourage and provide resources and oftentimes an ear to listen without judgment.

What do you love most about the work that do you?

I love the fact that I get the opportunity to heal thru my candle-making process. It’s therapeutic and I get to promote self-care. It also holds me accountable because I practice what I preach. I also get to create a product that promotes mindfulness and mental health awareness. So many people suffer in silence and just providing a little flicker of hope whether is thru my candle-making, daily 9-5 and or my books brings me a sense of joy that I can’t explain.

What words of encouragement would you leave our readers who are currently dealing with trauma and seeking healing?

I encourage you to be kind to yourself, your mind, body, and soul. Don’t allow your past to define you there is hope. A temporary situation is not the end. Allow yourself time to heal and don’t ever be ashamed of your situation and or story. We all have a story and we all have had moments we are not proud of; no one gets the authority to judge you and keep you down. Be the author of your own story and give yourself grace.

Any exclusive news you would like to share with our readers?

I’m happy to share that currently if you go on my website 50% of your proceeds go towards self-care packages that I am creating to distribute to patients that are battling mental illness. Last year I was able to bless 100 patients at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx and this year I am looking to double that.

I have also newly released a collaboration book with eight amazing authors “The Work-Preneur in Her” where you get to read all about our career and entrepreneur journeys. We share how we balance careers, our passion projects, and everything in between.

I also have another book that’s due to publish this summer “Gratitude Attitude” How to practice gratitude after suicide loss. This piece is my most vulnerable one ever, I discuss my brother’s story and how I am navigating that tragedy. My hope is for anyone that picks up the book to walk away with an understanding that grief and gratitude can co-exist.

What does 2022 look like for you?

Wow, busy I have some amazing collaborations in the works, new books to publish, and most importantly keep working at turning this pain into purpose.

What do you want your legacy to look like?

I would love my legacy to be one of hope. All that I do is for the generation that’s coming behind me to propel and be better than me. Especially my daughter I want her to always remember my sacrifices and my purpose. My late grandfather Manolo Rojas planted a mustard seed of entrepreneurship in our family and his legacy left a huge impact on me and the way I operate, for that I am forever grateful. I want people to remember as someone that pushed them to recognize their greatness and to never ever be ashamed of their story. My words of wisdom are “your story is not yours to keep” you never know who needs your recipe for their own personal healing.

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