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Certified Life Coach Christi Anderson. Helping Women Discover Their Wings

By Faith Rudder

Christi Anderson is a talented author, public speaker, certified life coach, and fashion designer from Dallas, Texas, who has relocated to Los Angles, California. Christi is a passionate advocate for empowering women over 40 who are transitioning into empty-nesting.

As our children grow up, many of us may find ourselves at a crossroads, wondering what's next in our lives.

For some women, this can be a difficult time of transition, as they grapple with feelings of loneliness, loss of identity, and a sense of purposelessness.

But there are also those who have chosen to use this time as an opportunity to explore their passions, find their purpose, and live life to its fullest.

As Christi experienced the empty-nesting herself she managed to find her purpose and dedicated her life to empowering other women. Christi has a unique approach to helping women take control of their lives and reach their goals.

Christi believes that women have an immense potential to succeed, and she works tirelessly to ensure they have the tools and resources they need to make their dreams a reality.

Through her work, Christi has developed a personalized approach to helping women identify their goals and set themselves up for success. She provides advice on everything from career development to personal growth and development.

The result? Women who are more confident in their abilities, have a greater sense of self-worth, and have a clear vision of the life they want to create for themselves.

Christi is an example of what can be achieved when we focus on our own strengths and passions. She is a beacon of hope to all women, and her story is one that should be shared and celebrated.

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Christi will coach women from all over the country who are embracing this new phase of life, in order to gain insight into how they've managed to turn this transition into an empowering journey.

We'll be exploring how women have used this time to find and pursue their dreams, how to cope with the loneliness and sense of loss that can accompany the empty-nesting process, and how to gain fulfillment in this new chapter of life.

We hope you'll join Christi on the Bold Move makers podcast as we hear from inspiring women and learn more about how they've chosen to make the most of this new stage of life.

How do you manage to cope with empty-nesting?

Becoming an empty-nest was quite an adjustment. On one hand, I miss the nurturing aspect of motherhood, but on the other hand I love the peace and the freedom that it brings. When I was in my late thirties, I remember specifically asking God to prepare me for when my kids were gone. I knew that one day they would leave me, and I needed to figure out who I was outside of them. As I waited for an assignment from God, he answered my prayer by opening up new gifts and talents. That is what led me to designing women's wear.

What advice would you give for empty nesting?

If I could give one word of wisdom I would say don't be afraid to venture out and try something new. As I moved into new areas, doors started to open and I grew my network and found my tribe.

What made you want to become a life coach?

Coaching just fell into my lap. I have always been a coach in my corporate life, leading teams and supporting employee career growth. For the past 10 years I have been a professional corporate trainer and transformational leadership facilitator, traveling all over the world teaching emotional intelligence, personal development and problem solving skills. In 2022, I got serious about coaching because I saw 2 of my women mentees growth, and confidence through my coaching, and the difference I could make on a larger scale. Because of this, I decided to become a Certified Master Professional Life Coach. I want to expand my reach, and truly serve women of all walks of life. My goal is to teach them to reach towards their God-given purpose and gain true confidence only found through a higher power.

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