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Women in Business Spotlight: Dr. Shanelle R. Dawson, First African American Woman to Lead Full-Dental Laboratory

By Tammy Reese

In this women in business spotlight, we introduce our readers to Dr. Shanelle R. Dawson, a dynamic leader and visionary, who has dedicated her career to driving change across various sectors. As the principal owner of the Global Families of Companies, Dr. Dawson’s multifaceted expertise encompasses consulting, coaching, writing, professional speaking, and a stint as a candidate for the Onondaga County Legislature. Her work is deeply rooted in education, entrepreneurship, and employee engagement, all approached through the essential lens of equity. Understanding the interconnectedness of health and wellness, Dr. Dawson launched Global SAGE Wellness (GSW), a virtual enterprise dedicated to promoting holistic health. GSW provides a comprehensive suite of services including yoga classes, guided meditations, and whole food, plant-based (WFPB) nutritional coaching. The goal of GSW is to empower individuals to make informed health choices while also considering the environmental impacts of their dietary habits. By offering WFPB recipes and personalized guidance, GSW aims to foster a community that prioritizes both personal health and environmental sustainability.

Dr. Dawson’s entrepreneurial spirit also led to the creation of ACCESS Global Enterprises, an umbrella company designed to incubate and support various business ventures. Eight years after its inception, with the collaboration of a partner, ACCESS Dental Laboratories was established. This groundbreaking venture is the first 100% African American owned, woman-led, full-service dental laboratory in the United States. ACCESS Dental Laboratories specializes in crafting crowns, bridges, partials, dentures, night guards, implants, and veneers, setting a new standard in dental care and business leadership. A steadfast advocate for social justice, Dr. Dawson founded ACCESS Global Group, a coaching and consulting organization dedicated to fostering cultural competency, social awareness, and trauma-informed strategies. The group focuses on promoting equity in education and employment while extending its mission to support underserved and underrepresented community members through business development initiatives.

Dr. Dawson’s academic credentials further underscore her commitment to excellence. She holds an Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies from San Bernardino Valley College, a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Master of Arts in Education from California State University, San Bernardino, and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from the University of La Verne. Her educational background provides a strong foundation for her work in organizational leadership and community empowerment. At the Global Family of Companies, Dr. Dawson champions self-awareness and self-assessment, promoting innovative and pioneering strategies for sustained success.


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Her work is not only transforming businesses but also empowering individuals and communities to reach their full potential. Dr. Dawson lives by the motto, “Inspire individuals to pursue self-discovery, empower them to be innovative, progressive, and revolutionary in thought, and motivate them to become global activists.” This philosophy is reflected in every aspect of her professional and personal life, making her a true catalyst for change.

For more information on Dr. Shanelle R. Dawson and her groundbreaking work, visit ACCESS Dental Laboratories ( Follow her on Instagram at @ACCESSDentalLabs, on Twitter at @ACCESSDentalLab, and on Facebook at @ACCESSDentalLaboratories. Dr. Dawson’s relentless pursuit of equity and empowerment continues to inspire those around her, proving that with passion and dedication, real change is possible.

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Tammy Reese began her career as a theater actress performing in 60 live stage shows a year with The Media Unit TV and Stage Production Company. She also directed the weekly live TV show Rough Times Live.

Eventually, she went to Empire State College to obtain her degree in media studies. After graduation, she did more theater and wrote and produced her own videos to spread awareness on social issues through the arts.

Tammy is an award-winning journalist and is best known for her legendary interviews with Sharon Stone, Angela Bassett, Jasmine Guy, Sigourney Weaver, Phylicia Rashad, Billy Porter, Steven Yeun, Luke Evans, Geena Davis, Morris Chestnut, Nelly, Ross Marquand, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Leon, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Giancarlo Esposito, Jennifer Connelly, Laurence Fishburne, Vivica A. Fox, Omar Epps, Joseph Sikora, Ryan Coogler, Carmen Electra, Essie Davis, Donell Jones, Courtney A. Kemp, Theo Rossi, Skeet Ulrich and many more.

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