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Will the Church Stand and Say...HOLY S&#T!!

For those that think the title of this piece portends a sacrilegious rock and holy roller rant against Sunday morning service I hope you read on... just enough of a chance to change your mind. This story, while at first glance may seem salacious is, I assure you, anything but.

Nikole Mitchell

In the part of our society where men traditionally are final word a young woman, a wife, a mother of three bucked said tradition and become a minister. A real life "may the Church say amen" woman of the cloth.

For most such and accomplishment would have been the apex. According to what family and friends and society normally say and most time mandate putting on that robe and sash Sunday mornings should have been the summit... the Mt. Sini of modern day if you will for the good reverend.

For Miss Mitchell, it was just the unfolding.

Once subsisting on food stamps now thriving in a million dollar a year business. From preaching for a huddled few to mass communicating a different kind of "good book" message filled with "yes you can" articles of faith to an audience worldwide.

"Jimmy Kimmel", "Dr. Phil" and many others have been privileged to benefit of Nikoles experience and expression... now it's our turn.

This beautiful, educated, strong woman has transcended social norms by being true to her inner self, her core and her nature.

If that nature tells her its ok to make love to men and women, to be in a relationship that allows others access to intimacy within, that sexuality is something to be cherished and celebrated not hidden and made feel ashamed of then who is anyone to "judge ye not least ye be judged"?

In a world where God and the beauty of sex can live as one I say... preacher, preach on !

Ladies and gentleman, in her own words:

Nikole. Thank you so much for taking time from your busy schedule to talk with me. Let's start with the basics. Where are you from originally and in what state do you currently reside? I grew up all over the U.S., Europe, and Asia. My family settled in Minnesota when I was in high school and that's where my parents still reside. I now live in Southern California.

What's your educational background I have my Bachelor's in Education and taught high school history and psychology for 5 years. I then got my Master's in Social Justice and started my life coaching business as a way to help bring financial empowerment to marginalized populations. I've been a life coach for 5 years and support clients in their transformations through 1:1 coaching and teaching live digital courses.

Are you married? Divorced? If so, how many years have you been or were you together? Do you have children? If so, how many and what are their ages and what is your current relationship status? I was raised very religious and was indoctrinated from a young age that getting married and having kids would be the pinnacle of my existence. I did as I was told and married a man and had three children with him, only to discover that wasn't my pinnacle. Over the years I would come out as queer, realize I was meant to be an entrepreneur, and go on to create the life and business of my dreams.

I ended up getting divorced, poured my heart and soul into becoming the kind of woman and mother I wanted to be and ended up going from food stamps to creating a 7 figure business. I'm able to provide for my children, live in the state of my dreams, doing work that I love, and making a difference in the world. This has become my pinnacle: a life and business of my choosing, and I am so grateful!

My children are 7, 10, and 12 and I am so grateful to model for them what is possible.

I'm currently dating someone and in a non-monogamous relationship and I am the happiest I have ever been. What led to your life decision to become a minister? I've always been a natural leader and speaker and realized as a teenager that speaking and teaching was something I wanted to do but because I was a girl, I wasn't allowed to teach and preach in my church. It wouldn't be until my late 20's that I started attending a church that had both men and women preachers, and I rose up in their ranks to become a preacher. I loved preaching and tending to my flock. It was a combination of my love of speaking, theology, and helping others. I was in that church for 6 years and it was my source of community, friendship, and impact.


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How long were you in the ministry before deciding to change your life course and what was the catalyst for that decision? The longer I was at the church, however, the more disillusioned I became from how I was treated behind the scenes. I was constantly censored, controlled, and put down. I then began unpacking my theology and came to realize that I had been passed down a very white-washed, male-centric, homophobic theology that had no room for me as a biracial, queer woman. I ended up walking away from my church and religion in 2017 with no destination in sight. I had no idea that it would lead me to a career in the adult industry where I would become the happiest, freest, and wealthiest version of myself. How did your family and friends react to your change from Preacher to Onlyfans model? My family and friends had a really hard time with the change in my career. They thought I had been led astray, lost sight of what's important, or entered a rebellious phase. They didn't understand why I would choose to have a career of sharing my body with others. And I get it. In religious and conservative spaces, women are assigned a very particular role. And when you step outside of that role, it's baffling, confusing, and frustrating from those who expect you to fit the mold. What I wish people realized is that there is no one role or box or mold any human should fit in. Each person has to figure out who they are and what they want for themselves. It's an inside decision and cannot be made for you by others. I've learned that sex work is my calling and passion and something I love doing and will keep doing for as long as I desire.

What has been the impact on your self esteem with the new found adulation from your now massive visibility on platforms like Onlyfans, Instagram etc? I love what I do. I love creating (and watching!) my content and am always so excited to share it with others. And then when my fans and followers love my content, I feel amazing!! It feels so good to not only love what I do but to know that people love it too. I am very fortunate in that way and I wish for every person to experience that in the work they do!

Do you feel sexuality and religion have to be mutually exclusive? Absolutely not. In fact, that's so much of why I love what I do. I bridge the gap between sexuality and spirituality. In my world, you don't have to choose one or the other. You get to have it all! When we realize there is no "taboo" to being our full selves, we can finally be at peace with ourselves, at peace with others, and create a world where we are safe being our truest selves. Choose yourself and all that you are, and you'll be planting seeds for a world where that will be the norm someday. How did your life coach work manifest and how much is it a part of your daily work routine? I started my life coaching business in 2018 as an answer to my desire to create a more just world. As a queer woman, I am passionate that women, queer folx, and people of color make as much money as they desire and become massively successful. So I help my clients create next level success, wealth, and freedom from the inside out through 1:1 coaching and digital courses.

When it comes to my schedule, Mondays are my CEO days. It's when I work on taxes, respond to emails, have team meetings, plan out my next courses, respond to 1:1 coaching applications, and take care of tasks that keep my business growing and running smoothly behind the scenes.

Tuesday through Friday I do a mixture of 1:1 calls, teach my digital courses, post on social media, film content, write copy, mail gifts to my fans, and do my interviews.

Saturdays and Sundays I mostly relax, catch up on DMs, and take little weekend trips.

It's a very flexible, supportive, and life-giving schedule that makes me a lot of money and brings me a lot of joy.




How do you find time to life coach and provide new content for your Onlyfans page and other socials everyday? When I wasn't as busy and didn't have as many followers and subscribers, I just winged it honestly. I had lots of time so I took my time making content and creating social media copy. As my following and subscribers have increased I now have to schedule most of my work.

I will schedule in "Send out email to course students", "make custom content", "do 1:1 call with client or a fan", etc. If it's not in my calendar, it will not get done. This is the beauty of structure. When you provide some structure to your time, it amplifies your freedom. You don't feel overwhelmed or burned out because you spread out your work in a way that's sustainable, brings you joy, and gets it done.

I used to hate calendars. Now I love them because I know exactly when I'm working and when I'm free to do what I want.

You've had tremendous success in your new journey so far...where do you see yourself business-wise , relationship -wise, personal growth-wise in 10 years? Oh gosh, 10 years is a long time from now! It's honestly hard to imagine because I have never been where I've ever projected myself to be.

5 years ago I was on food stamps! I could never have guessed that just a few years later I would be running a 7 figure business, living in a million dollar home, in the state of my dreams, while being interviewed all over the world and yet here I am!

With that said, I hope in 10 years I'll have my own TV show, a lingerie line, high heel line, makeup line, and sex toy line, as well as best selling books, multiple homes, and enough money to retire on - and yet nowhere near to wanting to retire.

I honestly can't wait for my future because if my life is this beautiful this quickly, I can only imagine how breath-taking my life is going to be 10 years from now! Thank you Nikole. You have indeed been a pleasure. Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me. I hope it inspires others to follow their dreams, trust themselves, and know that whatever it is they want, they can have it! There is no limit to your power, possibilities, or profit!

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