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Why Are You Here?

In His Own Words, Author Alan A. Allen Discusses How He Discovered His Purpose

Do you have a clue as to why you are here? I do. But it took over 80 years to discover the purpose of life and what could be next.

From the time I was able to walk I showed uncanny signs of curiosity. I had a need to ask “why?” and a unique capacity to seek answers, regardless of the risks involved in doing so. Is it any wonder that I spent my early years testing parental guidance not to cross the street alone, stare directly at the sun, skate on thin ice, test my swimming skills in a swift current, or try to chase a 1,000-pound Alaskan bull moose off my ski trail? Such dangerous events, unexplainable stories of survival, and mystical premonitions are addressed in this book, Clues Can Light The Way. For decades I tried to understand how and why I managed to avoid serious injury or death. I also wondered why profound connections with people, animals and even thoughts seemed to manifest at just the right time and place to impact my life with important lessons or at least clues for an eventual lesson.

Some of the clues came in the form of “Knowings,” not words, but messages of overpowering clarity of thought that could not be ignored. One of the strongest messages involved a direction, not a light suggestion, but a direction to “go home.” It was clear beyond any measure of certainty that I was to drop everything I was doing with my new job in Alaska, and head back to New Jersey, the home of my parents. I did so, and as one might expect, all work approvals and travel plans fell quickly in place. The seemingly divine directive led me to the most profound life-changing event I had ever experienced.

I did not know the purpose for my trip home until I got there. Within only a few hours of my arrival, it was revealed that my father had died from a heart attack about the time I was directed to go home. I learned that he was clinically dead for about eight minutes, was resuscitated, and within a few days was able to leave the hospital and be home in time for my arrival. During the hours we shared before I had to get back to Alaska, I witnessed my father as a totally changed man, void of the fears and frustrations that had impacted his health, his attitude about living, and the stressed connection that existed for years between us. He spoke with such excitement about what he saw, heard and learned on the other side– information presented over what seemed like hours. There was discussion about why we come to earth and things we need to learn while here. Communication was crisp and clear, telepathically from his recently deceased brother and a brilliant, all-knowing, all-loving source of light.


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The “Closure” that was so needed and enjoyed our last night together included the most loving and forgiving hug, shared for the first time in decades and for the last time in this life. He died again, a few weeks later, leaving me with the greatest confidence that we are all interconnected, that we are not just our bodies and brains, that the real “we,” our souls, have purpose, and that there is “Life” beyond this one.

The near-death experience of my father and the unexplainable “Knowing” that brought us together for one last sharing of unconditional love took place at the midpoint of my current life. Those events, together with the wonderfully mystical experiences before and after, began to evolve as pieces of a puzzle that I soon recognized as hints or clues for my very existence. I am now convinced that a major purpose for my life was and remains a mission to encourage others to discover their own pieces of the greatest puzzle of all: The Purpose of Life and Beyond.

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Rocky Karlage
Rocky Karlage
Jan 23, 2022

Thank you Alan! Very well written. I have my own experiences with spirits who have passed, and it is good to read about your closure with your father. - Rocky of Ghost Walk Studios

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