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Where to go this summer 2021, Post-Covid recommendation

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

As vaccines start to roll out worldwide and many countries are starting to reopen to tourism, it seems like the pandemic might be coming to an end; it is time to start planning our summer vacation for 2021! If you are looking for inspiration of where to go this summer, you've come to the right article, because today I bring you some recommendations of countries that will allow visitors this summer.

  • New York, USA

With the reopening of many hotels and establishments, it is safe to say that the city that never sleeps is slowly returning to normality, and who doesn't love New York? This city offers many things to its tourists, like Times Square, MOMA, Central Park, and many other attractions worth seeing. The restrictions have become less severe in New York as it is only required for international visitors to have a negative Covid test. So start planning your trip to the city that never sleeps and enjoy every single corner of it.

  • Cancun Mexico

A must destination for those looking to relax and see the most beautiful beaches in the world, Cancun has to be one of the most beautiful destinations in Mexico, where you'll experience a relaxed environment as well as a very vivid nightlife, company with the best food and views, Cancun is the perfect destination for this summer. Closer to this area, you'll find places like Tulum, where you'll be mesmerized by the Pyramids located here, you'll also find recreational parks like Xcaret or Xelha, places that you can't miss.

  • Granada, Spain

Like a real-life Disneyland, Granada is the perfect spot for those who love castles. This city has its ancient fortress and cobbled streets. The Alhambra is one of the main destinations here, containing ancient Islamic art that will wow you as it sits on the city's top. Along with incredible food, Granada is a place you should stop by if you plan on going to Spain, especially because they are planning to reopen this summer for vaccinated tourists. To read more about underrated places in Spain, read our article about it here:

  • Las Vegas, USA

With their official reopening taking place this summer, Las Vegas seems like a fun destination to go to this summer, especially for those party lovers; this is the place to go. With its enormous hotels and great shows happening every night, sin city is perfect for those looking to escape the routine.

  • Orlando, USA

Orlando, Florida, is one of the most popular cities in the USA, with good reason as it is the home of some famous theme parks like Disney World and Universal. The good news is that this has fully reopened to tourists, which is great news to all Disney Fans; this city is perfect for traveling with your family or even with your friends as there are incredible places to go here.

Make sure you check the travel restrictions of each country before you plan your next trip, and once you plan it, enjoy it! Leave us a comment on where are you planning to go this summer

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