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Visionary Spotlight: Marcus Murphy

Sheen Magazine recently listed Marcus Murphy as a talent to continue watching.

With ten years of experience the Washington, D.C. native most recently could be found playing Rashad Robinson in The Souls of Black Pebbles by Anthony Green. He also entertained audiences as Paul in the Off-Broadway production, Until the Flood by Dael Orlandersmith, D.J in Kenosis in Wonderland by Kenya Crawford, and Sleek Art Buyer in What Would Picasso Do by Andrew Brooks. Additional media features as of late, includes Hustle and Soul Magazine, We Empower Magazine, and OurBlk Men Magazine to name a few. Buzz is certainly surround this amazing talent. We are thrilled to get an exclusive interview for Heart of Hollywood Magazine.

What are some of your passions that are is dear to your heart?

I have a lot of things I am passionate about. However, as I have gotten older my passions focused more on the arts ranging from acting, producing, writing, and directing. My first passion will always be acting because each script possesses different emotions and connections to the world, we live in. As an actor, it is important to feel what I am reading to portray the best image possible. If I cannot relate to it, the opportunity is not meant for me.

What keeps you motivated?

Life can be overwhelming at times especially when trying to achieve your goals at any level. Throughout my acting journey and life, what have kept me motivated is having faith, reading quotes, journaling, and being surrounded by positivity. Having these regiments in place has kept me grounded and allowed me to work harder on my craft and enjoy the process of achieving my goals.

What are some of your new year’s resolutions?

I am looking forward to the new year because it brings more goals and opportunities to achieve. My new year resolutions I want to achieve are being able to book a television series and union feature films. I would like to appear on magazine covers, being featured in them, and radio appearances. And continue to follow my heart by having the right intentions within my career.

What would the Marcus of today tell the 18-year-old Marcus?

The message I would tell 18-year-old Marcus is although times may have seemed unthinkable growing up. It was part of your development and never be ashamed of it. The bad doesn’t last always and remember hard work does pay off. It may seem like things aren’t working in your favor but remember things are not happening to you, it is happening for your greater good.

What are you currently seeking assistance with within your career? You never know which one of our readers can help.

I have been an independent non-union actor for ten years. I have been appreciative for each opportunity that has been presented to me in building my resume. Although, my career choice is a learning skill daily. I would like the opportunity to sign with a supportive agency to nurture me and allow me the opportunities to be a part of a television series, feature films, commercials, and hosting endeavors. I am a huge fan of Our Kind of People on Fox, The Chi on Showtime, and PowerBook 2: Ghost on Starz. If I could be a guest on those shows it would be amazing because the realism is so impactful and relatable.

In what ways will you use your gifts and platform to help others in the coming year?

My gift as an actor is to entertain and that is the greatest gift to bring happiness to others. My plan to utilize my gifts on my platforms in the coming year is to create content that investigates my life outside of the glitz and glamour. I want my audience to see me up close and personal to understand my work ethic.

In addition, I have just been offered a position with Pure Prestige Studios created by DeWayne Etheridge located in Charlotte, N.C. as Executive Vice President to oversee independent filmmakers and find investors for upcoming productions. I am excited to provide upcoming talent with this platform and assist them with getting their materials seen. Overall, my platform will be helping talent in any possible way, while balancing my career as well.

What are some of your short/long term goals and what steps are you taking to achieve this?

My short-term goals are to do impactful theatre work that is relatable. I had the opportunity to participate in my first off-Broadway production called Until The Flood by Dael Orlandersmith, directed by Julie Janson. The experience was so rewarding in my life that it motivated me to continue seeking theatre work. I was able to achieve my next meaningful theatre piece with the Smithsonian Institute slated for next year surrounding the Ruby Bridges Story.

My long-term goals are to be a household name in the entertainment business. I know to make my reality a success is taking my acting classes. I just enrolled in Studio Acting Conservatory and have my first voiceover one-on-one session with talent agent Billy Collura from Acting & Voice Studios. I am static to embark on this new skill. It is important for me to be well-rounded in my craft, and by setting goals and taking the steps to achieve them is fulfilling.

Photo Credit: Evan Wood

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