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Visionary Spotlight: Marcus Murphy

Sheen Magazine recently listed Marcus Murphy as a talent to continue watching.

With ten years of experience the Washington, D.C. native most recently could be found playing Rashad Robinson in The Souls of Black Pebbles by Anthony Green. He also entertained audiences as Paul in the Off-Broadway production, Until the Flood by Dael Orlandersmith, D.J in Kenosis in Wonderland by Kenya Crawford, and Sleek Art Buyer in What Would Picasso Do by Andrew Brooks. Additional media features as of late, includes Hustle and Soul Magazine, We Empower Magazine, and OurBlk Men Magazine to name a few. Buzz is certainly surround this amazing talent. We are thrilled to get an exclusive interview for Heart of Hollywood Magazine.

What are some of your passions that are is dear to your heart?

I have a lot of things I am passionate about. However, as I have gotten older my passions focused more on the arts ranging from acting, producing, writing, and directing. My first passion will always be acting because each script possesses different emotions and connections to the world, we live in. As an actor, it is