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Vday Red Affair, LA Fashion Closet

On a beautiful weekend of March, the women's history month, when the world celebrates women, LA Fashion Closet hosted a fantastic night of celebration, joy, entertainment, and a fashion gala with a humanitarian cause. They celebrated women and their contributions to the community by presenting an exciting cocktail reception, live entertainment, dance performances and spectacular fashion shows.

This Fashion gala was organized and hosted by Shagun Gupta, a socialite, model, fashion blogger and a philanthropist who by her brand LA Fashion Closet promotes and empowers women and their small businesses through networking and collaborations. The event was decked out with outstanding and influential guests in the fashion and social scene of Los Angeles. They featured some of the most relevant up-and-coming fashion designers and an amazing runway fashion show.

All guests and performers were exposed to extensive media coverage including print and online content. Invited special guests included influential men and women from the fashion and entertainment industry, business leaders, the Mayor and Pageant winners. Many women owned small businesses were given opportunities to display their products and promote their business. V Day Red affair hosted by LA Fashion Closet also helped bring awareness to benefit their featured charities, Vibha, which is a volunteer-driven social catalyst that seeds, grows and scales solutions to systemic problems affecting children and Lighthouse that deals with issues of domestic violence. The sensuous belly dancing, beautiful bollywood dancing and the beats of the traditional indian dhol (drums) turned this night into one-of-a-kind magical night out that will be remembered for a very long time.

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