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Urban Plates Runway Playa Vista

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

On The Town With Richard by A. R. Stermer

This is one of a chain of restaurants with a mission to become a go to the second kitchen. With a slate of entrées at $10 each they’re counting on repeat customers to make their business work. It’s a big operation with a broad vision. For me, it’s been a meal stop while charging my electric car. Always happy to be down by the beach and the Ballona Freshwater Marsh, I pulled in, plugged in and made my way to the restaurant. Once there I looked for a spot around the tabletop fire feature which provides warmth and ambiance. I then logged into the Urban Plates app and placed an order for a drink by entering my table number, in this instance a hot tea because there’s a cool ocean breeze and I’d like to warm up in front of the fire.

After that I went about making my food selection. I chose the braised beef and mushrooms with mashed potatoes, placed my order and waited. Soon my hot tea arrived, followed not long after by my entrée. The food is good, not great. But a definite value. I have been with a friend who spoke to a staff member about the quality of the meat in this dish (“Too much fat this time” He said and “I want more mushrooms, please”). For both concerns the staff was obliging and conciliatory offering him one of their delicious desserts as compensation as well as doing what they could to address the issues. Try the Mango Tart or the Flourless Chocolate Cake both of which are memorable.

I would definitely recommend this chain and I hope that they are able to continue their stated mission of “.. creating a place where high quality meals are served fast at prices that don’t break the bank, all in a setting where you can see your food being prepared and have a voice in customizing it to your individual tastes.” It’s a varied menu with plenty of items from which to choose. You can have a look online.

Oh! Here’s a notice about my car, it’s all charged up and ready for me to get back on the road. See you next week. Vroom! Or would it be Zip! Or Swish! Or…


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