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Unmasking the Pain Within, Patty McCall

"Growing up, we didn't have much money for activities or dance lessons. I did have Barbie dolls, and I would sit for hours with my friends on the porch playing make-believe. I lived in a neighborhood full of kids where the parents didn't worry because they knew all their kids would end up in my backyard. My best memory was of the neighborhood circus. I was the ringleader, assigning everyone their positions according to their talents. They would all invite their parents to the show. I realize now that’s one of the reasons I love production so much today". Patty McCall

About Author Patty McCall

Patty McCall has been in entertainment for 40 years in many different forms, such as in front of the camera and behind the scenes locally in Tulsa, acting in commercials and working in several film productions. Raising two daughters that were extremely talented, she spent many years helping them with modeling, acting, singing, gymnastics, and dance. Amanda was Miss Teen and Summer participated in many plays. They both competed in many dances, cheerleading, and pageant contests where Patty was involved behind the scenes. During this time, she was Little Miss Fall Festival Director, owned a boutique, and Pageant “Pazazz” as well. Patty has received many awards from the Chamber of Commerce and was on the Board of Directors for Ms. Oklahoma. She was a judge for American Kids, NAM, and National talent pageant contests.

After a 17-year marriage break-up, Patty moved to Hollywood, CA. She acted in several films and joined the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). Working with Joey Travolta’s film camp gave her firsthand experience in production; her commercial, Rockstar Energy Drink Teacher, won 1st place at camp. While in California, Patty thought she would leave her painful experience of what happened in Oklahoma behind, but realized that she had to write it down to forgive and release everything that happened in her marriage—never thinking her journal would become a book to help others that endured abuse.

“Unmasking the Pain Within” was published in 2008. She went on a book tour throughout the country, from California to Virginia Beach, visiting many women’s shelters along the way.

Ten years after that, Patty and songwriter/singer Janet Gale wrote the movement book “U Can 2”. It includes the stories of 11 victims of abuse Patty met along her journey. Together, Patty and Gale collaborated to write the song “U Can 2”. A music video was produced in 2017.

Currently, Patty is an advocate against “Domestic Violence” and Founder of P.A.I.N. (Prevent Abuse in Neighborhoods), raising awareness through short films and music videos. She also helps women to transition from Safe Homes to the workforce.

You can book Patty as a Motivational speaker for your event. She can bring singers, music videos, and short films to help others move on if they have been victims of abuse or just for awareness. She also has many singers with P.A.I.N. that she can book for any event. She is writing reviews for Quote from Patty, “Helping others forget their PAIN and succeed in life gives me so much joy!” Facebook: P.A.I.N. Prevent Abuse in Neighborhoods Email:

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Photo credit: Beyond Publishing - Patty McCall

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