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Triple-Threat Brooke Forbes Produces and Stars in Award-Winning Film

By Jessica Ross

Famed for being a 'Triple Threat' Canadian-born actress, writer, and producer Brooke Forbes's career has taken her to great heights. Brooke has performed as a professional dancer/singer/actress in her own off-Broadway Theatre Shows in NYC and has performed world-wide in most notably musicals for King Hassan in Morocco, Prince Albert in Monaco, The President of the USA and Japan, Bosnia, Trinidad, for the USO and the Canadian Armed Forces.

Brooke Forbes

In addition, Brooke is the creator of Forbes Productions US, a production company currently producing a slate of TV Series, Feature Films, Musicals and Fitness Channels with celebrity talent.

Her latest Feature Film entitled "Natasha Mail order Bride Escape to America'' is the recipient of overall Winner in 3 Festivals and 4 Official Selections, including the Olympus Film Festival, Best First Time Feature Film Writer, Cinefest Los Angeles, Best TV Pilot Script, Los Angeles TV/Film/New Media Festival, Audience Award, Wind International Film Festival, Official Selection, Burbank International Film Festival, Official Selection, Semi-Finalist, Best Comedy Script, all written by Brooke and her partner Bob Colleary, who is a primetime Emmy Award winning writer with many hit TV Shows under his belt. Brooke is the creator, and Lead Actress of "Natasha the Mail order Bride Escape to America: the Movie", a modern day “Lucille Ball” meets a “female Borat”. Brooke is also the recipient in the HAPA Festival Los Angeles, for "Outstanding Female Stand-Up Comedian".

Brooke produces, hosts and performs as a Stand Up Comedian, with her original live theatre shows entitled, “The Stained Red Carpet”. Outside of the entertainment industry, Brooke is also a certified fitness and dance instructor teaching Yoga and BollyX Dancing.

You have been working on so many amazing projects, can you tell us more about them?

Yes! My Projects, being produced by my Production Company, Forbes Productions, are BTS The Making of Natasha: The Movie) currently in pre-production, The "Stained Red Carpet" featuring my celebrity stand-up comedy shows, which I perform, Host, Cast and Produce through my production company, My Fitness Channel where I teach Kundalini Yoga ( meditation) and BollyX Dancing, and Natasha Mail Order Bride Escape to America: The Movie. My film Natasha Mail Order Bride Escape to America is the immigrant story, my story. Ever since Natasha was a little girl, growing up in the 4th world country of Crapistan, she has devoured all things American. She’ll do anything to be an when Eugene accidentally orders her as a mail order bride, her bags are packed and she’s on his Bel-Air doorstep in an instant. With the zany naiveté and the hard-charging fun of Lucille Ball, Natasha will turn Eugene’s life upside down as she tries to prove to her husband-to-be (and his none-too-pleased mother) that she is indeed a true American who shouldn’t be returned before the warranty runs out. In this hilarious comedy, Natasha will show us the true meaning of love, family, and American excess. The fun begins as soon as Natasha arrives in Bel Air. To stay in America, Natasha must win Eugene over before the 30-day return policy expires, made especially tough when Eugene’s nightmare of a mother decides that Natasha must go at all costs. Convinced that the key to Eugene’s heart is proving that she can be a true American, Natasha turns Eugene’s life upside down with her charming bull-in-a-China-shop boldness. She racks up true American credit card debt and nearly gets him fired and kidnapped by the Crapistani Mob. Natasha will leave a path of hilarious destruction as she proves to Eugene and to all of us that family, no matter how you come by it, is all that truly matters.

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Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of coming to America and living the American Dream. I decided to write this story as this was a lifelong dream to come to America and live the American Dream. Everything was better in America. I would do anything to come to America. This year, I got my US Citizenship!!!

What inspired you to create “The Stained Red Carpet”?

I love writing comedy and am an actress/singer/dancer, and have produced many shows. I started doing stand up comedy about 8 years ago. Being hired by other producers, I wanted to create my own show using celebrity comedians, combined with red carpet events. I connect with charities to give back, and cast, host and perform these shows in the LA circuit.

If someone were to see The Stained Red Carpet in person, what can they expect?

This is a super fun event! Guests can mingle with celebrity comedians,

take pictures on the Red Carpet and enjoy the best live comedy! Hosted by myself.

Where and when can viewers watch “The Stained Red Carpet” online?

What do you love most about the filmmaking process ?

What I love most about filmmaking is writing a great script and seeing it to fruition. Making people laugh!

You can catch Brooke in the BTS “The Making of Natasha: The Movie” as well as Fitness Classes and “The Stained Red Carpet” all currently streaming on

XOTV Network.

Find out more about Brooke and her current projects at

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Jessica Ross is an award-winning actress and reporter, appearing on television and in films; she has also written for several fashion blogs, and been on reality TV.

Jessica has been featured on Indie Activity, Action Magazine, Heart of Hollywood, JAMO Magazine, The Actors 2020 Podcast, Entertainment Network Live, Voyage LA, Flicks Daily, Juwai, It Can By You, Livin Style Magazine, Buzzfeed, CBS, and many more.

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