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Too Close to Home: Sound of Freedom

By Giovanna

Edited by R. A. Stermer

This is a film to consider and one to take a moment to process.

I have had the opportunity to work as a first AD for some action films and later I became a producer. I would like to express my thoughts about this film. This movie utilizes several elements of the action film genre to help it succeed at a fast pace that keep the audience watching: suspense, intense scenes and heroism. The other elements that make it stand out are its cinematography, music and casting.

The connection between the characters and the audience was undoubtedly unique. What made it special is that most of the characters were based on real people, and that the film tackles the highly unpleasant subject of child sex trafficking. A subject which has rarely been addressed in movies. In this case, the production went all-in and was able to tell a compelling story in the most delicate way, thoughtfully portraying scenes so as not to alienate audiences from a subject too disturbing for most of us to even consider.

Actors Lucas Avila and Jim Caviel

The cast and the producers of this movie said that Netflix and Amazon refused to stream the film because of its subject matter. As filmmakers, I believe we have a social responsibility to tell stories that matter and those that strive to bring a positive change to our society. This movie addresses sex trafficking as a global issue and highlights the need to take action in spreading awareness.

Drawing from my own experience, I see the city of Tijuana, Mexico, just three hours away from LA, and the red light district. My heart goes cold and I become numb to think that children are being sold in these places. But, who are the customers? Perhaps this is a question that the real life character Tim Ballar, played by actor Jim Caviel in the film, asked himself. Based on a true story, the film plays out as the lead character walks away from his career to risk his life in traveling into rebel held jungle territory to try and rescue a young girl from the rebel leader who has purchased her.

In the film, they save more than 50 children who are victims of sex trafficking. In the real life Operation Triple Take they actually ended up saving more than one hundred victims. (There is some controversy surrounding the true number of children saved, but I believe saving even one child is worthy of recognition and respect).

The film contains references to faith and God which has led some to classify it as a religious film. This is a distraction. Sound Of Freedom is a legitimate piece of filmmaking which stands on its own outside of the limitations of genre or any particular worldview. It tells the story of individuals who are guided by beliefs that motivate them to put the interest of others above those of their own.This includes the belief that the protection of children from predatory behavior is essential to human existence.

Regardless of one's spiritual or religious beliefs I believe that the majority of us would agree that inflicting pain and suffering on others, especially the young, is wrong and that we must find ways to bring light to such areas of darkness.

On a personal level this film hits too close to home for me and I find it impossible to turn a blind eye to the issues that it raises. This film is knocking on many doors and people are responding by spreading the word to see it and talking about the subject in general.

The child actors in this film did a great job under the care of director Alejandro Monteverde despite the difficult subject matter. As did all of the supporting cast. Mira Sorvino appears as the wife of the lead character and lends her gravitas as his supportive anchor. Bill Camp’s portrayal of a reformed libertine is spot on and plays perfectly against Caviel’s inspired knight errant. The film doesn’t miss a beat and held my attention consistently throughout.

At this time I believe that more and more filmmakers are willing to make use of their voice as storytellers to share stories that matter and those that need to be told.

Overall I find this to be a quality film worthy of being considered by reputable entertainment media outlets for its promotion, distribution and award consideration.

I found this page below that you might find informative about human trafficking

Immerse yourself in the gripping journey of 'The Sound of Freedom' as these captivating scenes unfold before your eyes, painting a powerful tale of courage, liberation, and hope.

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