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An Exciting Show to Debut on a New Network Platform

Have you ever been sitting in a room, with a faint shadow cast upon the walls from a light in the distance? Lightning flashes! Did you hear something fall or the eerie creak of the door? A brush of wind raises the hair on your neck and sends shivers down your spine. Was it real or just make- believe?

Paranormal Magic leaves you in a heightened sense of purgatory like reality as it challenges the senses and reveals magic like you have never seen before. Dr. David Shareef debuts Paranormal Magic on the new streaming network Misfit TV, coming this October 2022. The network is directed towards engaging “nerd-like” audiences and delighting streamers of all ages with classic television, horror sci-fiction, original comedy and merchandise that promotes the nerd from within.

Dr. David Shareef was born in Chicago and has practiced magic since the age of five. In over 35 years of practice, he has mastered the art of mind reading, stage magic, street magic, and hypnosis. These skills sets have contributed towards his Doctorate Degree in Psychology from Arizona State University in May of 2016, as well as his certification in 2020 from the American Board of Hypnotism.

Misfit TV is owned and operated by Dr. Shareef and his executive staff. There is great excitement amongst the team in being able to host programming such as The Three Stooges, Lost in Space, and Johnny Sokko and His Giant Flying Robot. These titles bring together an audience that appreciates nostalgic shows, indulges in the horror of science fiction, and yearns for a network that appeals to its specific taste.

WHERE magazine highlighted David as one of the most amazing illusionists, and his show Unseen Forces was one of the top 10 in the Valley in Las Vegas, Nevada. Housed at the Royal Resort, guests left impressed as Dr. Shareef astounded audiences with incredible psychic stunts such as The Razor Blade Swallow, Hypnotic Remote Control, and Voodoo Routines. David is no stranger to the stage, and has made appearances on Wizard Wars and Penn and Teller Fool Us. His new show, Paranormal Magic, will combine all of his skills with remarkable theatrics for an experience David calls Hyper-Realistic Magic. He has astounded sold-out arenas and audiences nationwide as well as overseas, as evidenced by his most recent exploits for Chinese New Year officiants in Utah.

David invests his many talents of show production also into short films. He looks forward to producing original comedy sketches and hosting particular pay-per-view content. Overall, this magic has elevated itself light years beyond bunnies in top hats and colorful scarves. Paranormal Magic promises celebrity guests such as actress and Real Housewife Claudia Jordan and child actor Rodney Alley Rippy, as they are wowed beyond belief. Tuning in will be a worthwhile experience as Misfit TV welcomes all who want to “get your nerd on!”

Written by: Jennece Black-Harris of Black Queen Productions

IG: @drdavidshareef

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