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Updated: Oct 18, 2021

A Multitalented Woman from the Republic of the Philippines Shares Her XX

By Catherine Roque

Ever since I was two, I already knew what I wanted-- to be an actress. I invested my whole self in order to make it. Theater, arts and crafts, and swimming were my life back then. These fields were my dreams, my happiness, my means of expression, my outlet and my way of making everyone proud.

I used them as a beacon of light that I could look toward or, at times, to escape whenever I experienced bullying, which occurred due to my appearance, attitude and intelligence. At the same time, I was pushed to the very edge, since at that time I was being pressured to become somebody. When I was growing up, my father’s family was known for its excellent athletes, who represented their school and our country.

The fact that I was associated with them meant that I was expected to excel at all times. The intensity of everything (bullying, pressure from others, the onset of puberty, and the great lack of belief in me that people expressed) became so deafening. Acting was my happy place, as it took place in a competitive yet safe ground.

As time went by, I still wanted to act but I also wanted to learn the things behind the acting profession, why it is the way it is. I saw the whole story from every angle. No contribution is too small. And even when things don't go the way we want, the show must go on. I learned to understand the situation without hate. I enjoyed encouraging people. But then I realized I shouldn't forget about myself and the things that I needed to do.

I also have a clear understanding of what true corporate leadership and teamwork mean thanks to DMPI. There is always a moral, a lesson to be learned.

I eventually went from theater to media production (TV, film, radio, print). I got a college degree that is in line with my dreams. I was planning to be a storyteller and an action film director. But the latter didn't happen.


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I kept moving forward, despite getting death threats and being physically harmed--I had a series of falls and was pushed over the edge. Along the way, I remembered the harsh words and actions that I received growing up, so I challenged myself to try modeling and then to participate in the pageants that came along with it after losing the latter dream.

Writing, marketing, visual arts, serving people through the government, and being the face of certain groups are making me more human, with a richer life. This rerouted journey has been a wonderful opportunity and a reason for giving thanks.

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