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The Latest Fashion Trends for Women in 2021

With the very anticipated end of 2020, it’s time for a fresh start. This new year also comes with new fashion trends that you will probably see everywhere in the upcoming months. Large blazers, bold blue bags, and sleek face masks dominated fashion week and will continue to inspire the styles of 2021.

1.Black face masks

Unfortunately for the world, COVID-19 is not going anywhere anytime soon, so it’s important to keep protecting ourselves and our loved ones. In the meantime, we may as well do it beautifully and fashionably. Black face masks offer the possibility to match the design with almost every outfit and color you wear. The combination possibilities for these accessories are limitless, from formal coats to sports clothes. There are many different materials to choose from, but the KN95 is still the most protective one. However, there are masks made from silk if you seek a more breathable fabric.

Photo: The Trend Spotter

2. Oversized shoulder-pad

This 80’s inspired fashion trend is making a comeback in 2021; this piece helps create a long line silhouette with shoulder pads. The colors that are primarily influencing the movement are powder blue and neutral hues. This clothing piece can create casual and elegant looks effortlessly and give you a chic aesthetic.

Photo: The Trend Spotter

3. Velour tracksuits

In the early 2000s, it was almost impossible not to see someone on the street wearing a tracksuit. Well, the craze is back, and it’s here to stay. However, it’s expected for the tracksuits to suffer a few changes, with designers opting to use silk instead of velour as their primary material. This will give the trend an innovative new twist perfect for lockdown.

Photo: Matthew Sperzel/Getty Images

4. The color pink

The new year may also bring a wave of different pink pieces: "The spring 2021 runways were full of pink silk, pink pants, pink accessories, and even pink details in tweed." (Blanc, Insider). Neon shades will make a big comeback into 2021 fashion.

Photo: Edward Berthelot / Getty Images

5. Earthy tones

Earthy tones are also making a striking appearance in fashion this year. The warm and minimalistic colors are quickly replacing neutral and dark shades from everyone’s closet. The range of tones includes rust reds, mustard yellows, and deep brown colors.

Photo: Bvlgari Campaign

6. The chunky heel

Sneaker-style chunky shoes have been quite popular for a few years now, and it’s almost definitive that this trend will continue to expand with each passing month. "Chunkier heels will start to pop up on loafers and dress shoes in 2021”(Kenger, Insider).

Photo: Christian Vierig / Getty Images

7. Oversized jeans

It’s a fact that jeans are a must-have in everyone’s closet, and no one can ever have too many pairs of jeans. Oversized denim are becoming increasingly popular this year since they are as comfortable as they are flattering. From dark blue to light blue, you can match this trend with an oversized t-shirt and jacket to complete your 2021 look.

Photo: Ingrid Frahm / Getty Images

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