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The Glamorous Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet

The Cannes Film Festival is finally back. The most recent edition illuminated the Croisette a major road where the event is held last July.

It was truly a sunny summer festival, and returned with emotional films and a glamorous red carpet.

An exceptional jury was chaired by Spike Lee. He shined as he first climbed the steps. There was quite an impactful jury for the 74th edition event. Ceremonial mistress Doria Tillier’s mission was successful; her funny and poetic opening speech was a very moving tribute to Jodie Foster.

Quite a symbol! The American film Stillwater was shot in part in Marseille, France. The festival was the perfect place for its world premiere. The film's director, Tom McCarthy, and star actor Matt Damon represented the Hollywood elegance found in American superproductions.

No one was expecting to see Sharon Stone and her “Glamorous Instinct" on the red carpet. Her surprise appearance earned her cheers from the crowd and flashing lights from photographers. A magical moment!

The Palme d'Or was awarded to the film Titane by Julia Ducournau, the second woman in the history of the festival to receive this honor. The 28-year-old French director was crowned for this disturbing and violent genre film.


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Bellissima... impossible not to succumb to the beauty of every actress and top model. They had arrived from all over the world and climbed the steps to reach the Cannes Film Festival area where the red carpet moments took place. There was a magical ambiance at the fabulous Mephistopheles fashion showroom. The fashion company dressed actresses, models, and influencers hoping to have the best look on the red carpet!

To be continued... we are waiting for you to come to Cannes in May of 2022 for the 75th edition.


Producer: Sasha Waseem

Written & Public Relations: Patricia Constanza

Organizer & coordinator: Fred Guillet

Photo : Marcia Grandini Pari & Benoit Joseph


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