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Talent and Creativity

Updated: Jan 12

Wen Chen’s Journey from General Art Major to Aspiring Writer and Fashion Designer

Wen Chen, a graduate in General Art from California State University, has had quite the journey in the world of art and creativity. With a background in Abstract Sculpture and Abstract Figure Drawing, Wen’s walk down this path began with a strong foundation. What’s remarkable is that English is her second language, making her accomplishments even more impressive.

Photo Courtesy: Wen Chen

Wen’s desire to learn how to write stories led her to take a writing program, which was offered as part of the Santa Monica Public Library Literacy project, just before the pandemic started. During this challenging period, Wen found inspiration in an unexpected place– Cintya Gonzalez’s Zumba class. In fact, it was there that she wrote a captivating story titled Cintya’s Zumba Class, which was published on the California State Library’s COVID Diaries website on January 21, 2021. The Zumba teacher, incidentally, has 2,500 followers on social media.

Wen’s passion for storytelling didn’t stop there. Her dedication to becoming a writer made her explore various forms of writing, including playwriting and screenwriting. She even took a storytelling class with Brian Allman, the Geffen Playhouse Director of the community program. One of her notable works is the story Kiss Me Muffin, which delves into the topics of climate change and pandemic-time loneliness.

Wen’s creative spirit extends far beyond the realm of writing. She also decided to study fashion design with the goal of designing her own dresses and jeans, and she wished to add her own art to jean jackets. With the encouragement of her peers, Chrissy and Soledad, both involved in the fashion business, she aspires to open her own fashion business soon.


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Her journey as a writer continued with the publication of four more stories on, where she explored the impact of covid on women’s lives. Titles like Molly, My Pandemic Adventure, My Tiny Roses Garden, and Positive Thinking Women showcase her diverse storytelling abilities and deep understanding of the human experience.

Currently, Wen is a student at Santa Monica College (SMC) where she continues to pursue her passion for fashion and art. Her fashion design professor, Sofi Khachmanyan, is a source of inspiration and guidance. Wen is also in good company, interacting with talented students such as Luke, who is already selling his jeans designs online.

Wen’s journey doesn’t end there. Her Figure Anatomy class, taught by highly-acclaimed artist Marc Trujillo, has been a source of valuable knowledge and artistic growth. Her classmates, equally dedicated and talented, make the learning experience even more enriching.

For Wen, art is not just a subject or a career path; it’s a way of life. She envisions putting her art on clothing, designing T-shirts, and creating eco-friendly tote bags. Her passion to combine art and fashion is aimed not only at expressing herself, but also toward providing unique options for others, especially for Asian and Latino girls.

Photo Courtesy: Wen Chen

Wen plans to launch her line of bakery products in 2024, starting off with a new and innovative muffin flavor. With her determination and diverse skills, she is undoubtedly creative and inspiring, and is sure to have a lasting impact on the world.

You can read Wen’s story Cintya’s Zumba Class here: . She has also written four additional thought-provoking stories about how covid changed lives. Written from a woman’s perspective, they can be found at .

Wen’s vision for the future is to merge art and fashion, producing one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories that reflect her creativity and her commitment to environmental sustainability. The strides she has made so far show the power of talent fueled by the creative impulse.


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