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Sundance Film Festival Director Spotlight: April Maxey

April Maxey | Work | Director

Premieres Jan. 20, 2022

April Maxey is the director behind Work, the short-film premiering at Sundance Jan. 20.

Work follows the life of Gabi, a freelance editor struggling to get over her recent breakup. Acting impulsively, Gabi visits the lap-dance parlor she used to work at, meeting an old and unexpected friend from her past. Work, which developed in AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women, is inspired by Maxey’s personal experience as a queer-Chicano woman. Maxey’s work reevaluates the common misconceptions that surround the sex-work industry, dismantling the tropes of naivete and showing the true strength, courage and deliberation that sex-workers have. A deeply personal film, director April Maxey’s Work is currently nominated for Sundance’s 2022 Short Film Grand Jury Prize.

Please tell us the title of your film and your role?

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