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Stars, Sports Icons, and Civic Leaders Rally Together for a Vital Cause

By Jessica Ross

On October 7th, the "Fight Fentanyl" event transcended the traditional boundaries of an awareness campaign, offering attendees a comprehensive experience. Beyond fostering awareness, the event provided an opportunity for participants to engage in invigorating workout sessions, savor exquisite food, and acquire vital insights into the perils of fentanyl.

George Foreman III

The Craft Boxing Club, a space for fitness enthusiasts, underwent a profound transformation, evolving into a symbol of unity against the fentanyl crisis. At the forefront of this monumental event was, a distinguished 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and George Foreman III.

Together, they orchestrated a unique collaboration, bringing together celebrities, athletes, and community leaders, all driven by a shared mission to confront the perilous epidemic.

The day was packed with innovative boxing classes, activities catering to children, arts and crafts for guests to carry home, gourmet delights, and awareness booths. These booths served as educational hubs, equipping attendees with the knowledge to recognize the dangers of fentanyl and their role in the solution.

George Foreman III, the owner of the Craft Boxing Club and the son of legendary boxer George Foreman, set the tone for the event. He articulated, "Fentanyl is a challenge that touches lives of all ages," seamlessly incorporating crucial drug education into his signature boxing class.

Brenda Mejia

Lending their support to the cause, NFL legends Jarrod Bunch and Terry Robiski underscored the significance of collective action and community engagement.

With the backing of influential figures like Foreman III, Celeste, Wood, Bunch, Robiski, and Spiegelman, the event achieved genuine success!

To learn more or donate, visit

Leila Ciancaglini

Janice Celeste, Zach Veca, Shon Hill, Erica Spigelman, George Foreman III, and Sara Foreman

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