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Influencer Diego Valdez and His Projects in Modeling, Art, Finance, Public Relations, and Entrepreneurship

Diego Valdez is one of the largest social media influencers and Hollywood trendsetters of today. With outstanding engagement levels of 97/100, his work speaks for itself.

Visit @REALDIEGOVALDEZ on Twitter and Instagram. You will find a true modern-day polymath. Diego Valdez, #model, #actor, and #artist, has been chosen in the past as a model for worldwide fashion brands, including Diesel, Calvin Klein, and Girbaud France. He has also created artwork for global campaigns, representing brands like Don Julio Tequila, Smirnoff Vodka, and others.

Diego Valdez, this Colombian born wunderkind has been also called “the artist of the Millennium” by The Village Voice in New York, LA Weekly in Hollywood, and LA story in Los Angeles. His work as an artist has been showcased on Times Square billboards in Manhattan, New York City, and in other major cities including London, Miami, San Francisco, Connecticut, and Los Angeles.

In 2016, Hollywood publicist Doris Bergman announced that social media superstar Diego Valdez had joined Bergman Public Relations to support and spread awareness for Bergman’s multitude of high-profile events, including Oscars, Emmy parties, and the George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic.

During fall of 2021, Diego was chosen by the Binance exchange to join an exclusive group of 10 top social media stars to globally represent the Binance and spread awareness of the cryptocurrency industry, by playing the Binance Squid Whale Game. Diego, Player 008, was one of the most retweeted and globally supported players.


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His current projects include the creation of a multi-dynamic NFT collection dedicated to the women’s role in society, the expansion of his fitness app, the launching of a special aromatherapy candles line in partnership with Milena Candles Hollywood, and the positioning of his sneaker brand #BU#DU in partnership with The Shoe Circle. #BU#DU is meant to sound like Voodoo on purpose, but is actually means something quite different. The #BU#DU message is totally positive! It means #BEYOU + #DOYOU. This is a clear invitation to believe in your potential, eliminate mental barriers and walk not over, but through the fear.


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