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Rejected By An Agent? Here Are 4 Tips To Help You Deal With Not Being Contract

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

By Aaron Marcus

Getting rejected by an agent never feels good. But it is crucial to understand that there are many reasons why someone isn’t offered a contract from an agent. And it is so important to know that this might say absolutely nothing about your talent, abilities, or how far you can go in the industry.

1. Understand the Best Way to Get Signed by an Agent

The best way to get signed with an agent is to have someone refer you to the agent. Some larger agencies won’t even see actors unless they were recommended by someone the agent trusts and respects.

Ask friends from acting classes or other actors who you know if they will refer you to their agent.

2. Make Sure Your Materials Are Great Before Submitting to an Agent.

It is essential that actors have great materials (headshot, resume) before submitting to an agent. You always want to give a great first impression. People will remember negative things, even if you create a better headshot and resume in the future.


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3. Ask the Agent to Recommend Another Agency

Maybe you are not a perfect fit for the agency. Perhaps the agent already represents too many people in your category. Or maybe the agent doesn’t get the type of work you should be submitted for.

So, if that is the case, ask the agent for names of other acting agencies in your area that might be a better fit for your skills and look.

4. Continue Searching for the Perfect Agent

If you get turned down or not offered a contract, don’t worry. There are many great agents out there waiting for someone like you to reach out to them. In this industry, one should never take rejection personally. These are just business decisions, not personal ones. So, if you don’t get the offer, just view it as the agent’s loss. And think of the interaction as a great experience that will make you even more prepared for the next agent submission.

Aaron Marcus has been a full-time actor for over 37 years. He has been cast in nearly 1,300 acting and modeling jobs. He was cast in the Netflix feature White Noise, the HBO miniseries We Own This City, and A Man Called Otto (with Tom Hanks), to name a few.

He has written How to Become a Successful Actor and Model (, considered by many to be the most important book for the industry. It has over 100 five-star ratings on Amazon.

Aaron saves five days each month to personally mentor actors and models, and helps them break into or advance their acting and modeling career. Discover more at

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IG: @aronrmarcus


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