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Rahul Raju, Mr. India, Talks about Turning His Life around after an Injury

At age 21, Rahul Raju, from Kayamkulam, Kerala, India, is a zoology student who has also just started getting involved in modeling and pageants.

Mission Dreams is a pageant company, and through it, Rahul was named Mission Dreams Mr. India 2021 and Mr. Sexiest Man of the Year 2021. His interests, however, go beyond modeling. He is also hoping to become an actor. He is an artist and especially enjoys drawing. As for sports, the muscular model has practiced wrestling, cricket, and table tennis. However, this multitalented man struggled with depression at some point.

“One of my goals is to motivate people who become depressed due to challenges in their life. I have to motivate them to do more in their life. If I can do it, you can too,” he says.

What were the challenges you faced?

To be honest, modeling wasn't my childhood goal. I really wanted to be an army officer.. because my father was in the Indian army. I gave my every ounce of blood, sweat, everything for that. After 12th grade, I decided to crack the NDA (National Defense Academy) exam. The first time around, I simply couldn't pass it. On my second try, I passed the written exam but got rejected in the SSB (a border guarding force) interview.

I didn't give up! On my third attempt, I passed the written exam again... but before the interview, I tore my ACL and PCL ligaments during my wrestling practice. I got rejected at the very last moment during the medical portion due to my reconstructive surgery.

My entire dream and hard work came to an end. I became so depressed I had to take medication for it.

Slowly I found my inner talent in acting. Yes, I was really good at acting in my school days. So I decided to let those dreams that didn’t serve me go, and use my talents for another purpose. That's how I turned to modeling and pageants.

Who is your inspiration or role model?

My father is my role model. He taught me to do what it takes to be who you really want to be. He gave me the strength to become a man who never gives up. And in the modeling field, I would say Prathmesh Maulinkar, the Mr. Supranational title winner, is my role model because his life events resonate with me. One of his greatests falls gave him the power to rise above all.

What modeling experience do you have?

When it comes to pageantry, I’m currently Mission Dreams Mr, India 2021 and Mr. Sexiest Man of the Year 2021. As a model, I'm the brand ambassador for Jeet’s Signature, a designer brand, for one year. I have worked with Ojas Rajani, the celebrity makeup artist in Bollywood. I have done some bold shoots–couple shoots and solo shoots.

What are some of your biggest modeling accomplishments?

Attaining the title of Mission Dreams Mr. India 2021, and doing shoot with Ojas Rajani, the celebrity makeup artist in Bollywood. I have a positive attitude throughout long shoots, which I believe is an asset for anyone in this industry. I possess a unique look that stands out from the crowd but I can adapt to various moods and styles. I’m confident I can meet the clients’ needs and deliver the look they want.

Who is your favorite designer and why?

Manish Malhotra. It’s a dream project for every Indian model to work with him.

He is such a giant name in this industry. His fabulous works are really out of this world. I want to work with him.

What do you enjoy most about modeling?

Modeling is a way of expressing yourself. Through their eyes and their attitude, all models can communicate with the audience. A model can share his or her views through their pictures. Modeling is an art... every model is an artist. Moreover, it's an art form which requires dedication. I'm enjoying each and every part of it.This is not just a way to make money for me; it's my passion.


IG: rahulraju_official

Phone: +91 8157982322

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